Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Make sure your data is always available even if your physical location is down

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Protect data without heavy infrastructure investment

Business information is ever-growing in data size and complexity. As business demands expand to include mobile and cloud-based access, companies are forced to adapt with the times. Data must be available and accessible from more than just the office. This opens up a whole new set of challenges regarding security and data protection.

These challenges are pushing business leaders to adopt new cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions, balancing the need to maintain their current solutions with newer alternatives. Tape backups and off-site storage are labor-intensive, expensive, and unreliable. Cloud-based backup is a way for organizations to protect their data without the need for heavy infrastructure investment.

What can you expect in a provider of cloud-based backup and DR?

Daily backups are a given, but your partner in business continuity should have an emphasis on recovery of data — backups are just one piece of the puzzle. Off-site replication will protect you from natural disasters. Your MSP should have the necessary technical expertise in online storage.

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Why should you outsource backup and DR to Corserva?

Corserva backup and archive services ensure that both local and cloud backups are performed daily, including “out of geography” replication to protect against natural disasters. Our data centers ensure your data is protected and available, even if your physical office location is down.

We provide enterprise-grade onsite and offsite backup solutions for systems, applications, and data, ensuring that we can back up any environment, however unique it may be. Utilizing our cloud-based backup service gives you access to cloud security and online storage experts, freeing up your time to focus on other business initiatives and eliminating the need to purchase costly hardware and software.

Corserva provides both recovery and business continuity solutions. Our on-site and cloud recovery programs ensure that your operations are “always up,” regardless of the challenge that you face. If you have large files and images that are being backed up, cloud recovery requires significant planning. The easy part is launching your backup files into recovery mode. The harder part is re-establishing your operating environment with the updated data from the recovery solution running in the data center. In many cases, this process will require a new physical device that is seeded with the new data at the data center, installed in your rehabilitated center, and then synced with the cloud files.

Corserva enables businesses of all sizes to build comprehensive business recovery and continuity solutions that are cost-effective while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. We provide experienced insight and objective analysis of business continuity needs. We work closely with our clients’ own internal IT staff and management to develop solutions that ensure data is protected, in compliance with regulatory standards, and accessible when it is needed most.


Corserva’s recovery and business continuity services provide


Fully Managed Service

Data protection design, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and recovery services


Protect All Data

Protection for physical and virtual systems, operating systems and applications


Automation and Testing

Fully automated cloud-based disaster recovery failover, failback and testing


Long Term Data Retention

Retain long term copies of your backups with a defined retention policy designed to meet compliance and regulatory requirements

No Limit Data Storage

Dynamically scale your cloud copied data



Your data is always secure with AES-256 encryption for data in-flight and at-rest



Full compliance with all regulatory and privacy requirements including HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, and GLBA


Import/Export Services

Transfer large amounts of data by portable storage device where uploading or downloading over the internet is too slow or not feasible

Simple. Reliable. Secure.

Automated remote backup for your business data