Move to the Cloud with Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

Redirect Your Time, Money, and Energy

Cloud solutions have emerged as an affordable way to gain the best of both worlds — the latest technology at the lowest total costs. The physical and financial costs of maintaining IT functions in-house are one reason for the increasing acceptance of cloud based solutions. Additionally, managed cloud hosting solutions provide unique benefits, such as:

Access to the latest technology faster than would be possible with traditional implementation
Offload of hardware, software and maintenance requirements
Enabling off-site workers to access the same platforms they would while in the office
24x7x365 support for users provided by the cloud service provider
Managed cloud hosting

Gain the Benefits of Cloud Hosted Solutions

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Maximize Resources and Eliminate Waste

In a traditional IT environment, hardware, software, and networking are all managed on-site. This creates an incredible demand for on-site IT staff, physical space for the hardware, and constant work to manage and maintain the network and keep it secure.

Yet while technology becomes more complex, IT budgets may be cut, further increasing burdens on limited IT staff. Traditional systems require businesses to purchase more components than they currently need in order to plan for future growth. This stretches budgets and eats up precious resources that could be used elsewhere.

Private cloud solutions eliminate that waste while providing a segregated, secure client environment. In a private cloud computing environment, businesses have exactly the resources they need available to them at exactly the right time, all served from a secure, compliant, and redundant data center.

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an MSP

10 Questions to Ask Before
Selecting a Managed Service Provider

Cloud Solutions at Corserva

At Corserva we help you minimize the cost of and time spent managing your technology. Our experts can handle your routine IT functions, freeing up your internal IT staff to focus on strategic business tasks and functions. Corserva’s cloud solutions are suitable for any business, no matter your current level of cloud capabilities, from no cloud experience to a significant  cloud platform that needs to be optimized.


Private Cloud Services

With private cloud services, you have a segregated private space in the cloud. You can take advantage of two world-class data centers to ensure 100% availability for your key IT assets. You eliminate worry about power outages and communication issues from provider downtime.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Corserva offers a variety of managed hosting services that can be tailored to your specific business needs. Depending on your needs and internal capabilities, we will help you select the right cloud solutions such as: customized servers, managed virtualization, managed storage, managed security, managed databases, or rapid deployment servers.

Making the Switch to the Cloud

Moving to cloud-based solutions and services can be a challenge. There are financial, technical, and organizational roadblocks to overcome. Corserva takes a proactive approach with you to fully understand your future needs, and then architects cloud solutions that are functional for the business now and scale for the future. These steps will ease the transition, enabling your organization to have ample time to become comfortable with the idea and budget accordingly.


Lower IT operating costs


Consolidate IT resources


Reduce routine maintenance requirements


Provide greater security for your systems and data


Improve network reliability


Position the business for growth


Be deployed in a matter of hours


Position the organization for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS