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Some technology products are ready to use right out of the box, but the vast majority need to be configured and tested prior to being put into production. Corserva has the technology centers, tools, and processes to streamline your configuration and integration needs to enable you to maximize your investment in new products by making them function effectively with what you already have.

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Configuration and integration services

Deployment Management

The configuration and integration process can be time-consuming for your internal staff, who may already have full schedules managing normal business operations. Corserva can manage all steps of your new equipment or software deployment, including receiving equipment, storing, integrating, configuration, asset tracking, logistics and installation.

We will work with you to determine a schedule for completing each step of the deployment and keep you advised every step of the way. We can orchestrate the rollout of new hardware or software for one component at one location or manage multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology projects.

Most of the work before actual installation at your facility takes place in our integration centers, which comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards for quality assurance. At our site, we manage the configuration of:


Desktops, laptops and servers


Network hardware, routers, switches and firewalls


Wireless phones, tablets, data cards, and smart devices


Storage devices


Point-of-sale (POS) equipment


Digital signage


Apple systems and iOS devices

Lifecycle & Technology Support Services

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Selecting a Managed Service Provider

Preparing For New Systems With Minimal Disruption

Our work does not interfere with or compromise your normal operations. Using the latest imaging technologies, we image your systems and use the image as the basis for building a new one that incorporates your new hardware or software. We verify that the image is accurate using a First Article Build process which creates records of all the steps we take and develops a step-by-step instruction plan for configuration.

Once you evaluate and approve the system and the instructions, we transfer the image to our server and publish the instructions on our internal quality site before beginning the integration process. Throughout the process, supervisory personnel inspect the installation. We also use an automated electronic data collection process so that we can verify that the correct load was downloaded to a system.

Configuration & Integration Services

Steps in Deployment

Your deployment plan might include the following steps, as needed:


Hardware Services

We replicate your network on a test network that mimics your live network, down to its arrangement in your data center.

  • Network emulation and testing
  • Racking & Stacking
  • Cabling
  • Extended Burn-in
  • BIOS services

Software Services

We test all software in a virtual environment before installing new products or updates for existing products and adapt it to your system.

  • Network/Operating system installation
  • Software application installation
  • Image development, migration, and installation
  • Virtualization
  • User personalization
  • Software scripting

Asset Services

To assist you in keeping accurate inventory of your equipment, we physically etch, barcode, or custom label the product and develop records using Excel or another database application.

  • ICP asset tagging and customer asset tags
  • Laser etching
  • Rack diagrams
  • Custom labeling and user personalization

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