Converged Systems

Pre-packaged and fully integrated compute, storage and networking systems

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Simplify the deployment and management of your IT

Converged systems bring together multiple IT components into systems for virtualization, cloud computing, big data, collaboration, and management. With converged systems, clients benefit from one system for compute, storage, networking, and software, optimized for virtualization and a variety of workloads. These types of systems provide a lower cost of ownership and greater flexibility to meet more business demands.

Hyper-converged systems are a flavor of converged systems that provide tighter integration between the four core aspects of compute, storage, networking, and server virtualization via software.

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Converged and hyper converged systems are optimized to meet your virtualization, hybrid cloud, and workplace productivity needs. The systems are open, flexible, and scalable, while built to deliver speed and simplicity. They support virtualization environments, and can be an ideal infrastructure for your hybrid cloud, workplace productivity solution, or other virtualized workloads.

The systems provide a single integrated platform for converged management in a diverse infrastructure environment. Infrastructure lifecycle management tasks can be automated so that system administrators can define configurations once, and then provision or update the configurations many times, consistently and reliably.

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