Managed Threat Detection & Response

Prevent intrusions and recover from breaches efficiently

With cyberattacks in the news every day, you’re justified in being concerned about cybersecurity risks to your business. With Corserva’s Managed Security Service, we can detect threats lurking in your IT environment and quickly respond so your business stays protected.


Edge Security

Defend the perimeter of your IT network with next-generation managed firewalls


An unmanaged firewall is almost as bad as no firewall at all. Corserva’s next-generation managed firewall solutions create a secure IT network by consistently managing your firewall defenses and keeping your firewalls properly configured as your IT environment evolves.

Endpoint Security

Protect end user devices including laptops, desktops, network devices, servers, and mobile devices

Reactive, legacy, signature-based endpoint security solutions are unable to keep up with constantly mutating malware and can decrease employee productivity by slowing the performance of end user devices. Corserva’s next-generation endpoint security solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, protecting devices from compromise.


Enterprise Email Security

Block incoming email threats

External threats penetrate your business through incoming and outgoing email. Corserva’s enterprise email security solution prevents phishing, malware, spam, imposter email, and other forms of bad content so the organization is protected from malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors.


Vulnerability & Patch Management

Identify the areas of greatest risk and vulnerability to your business


An ever-growing accumulation of diverse assets across your IT environment makes it difficult to accurately assess risk to your business. With Corserva’s vulnerability and patch management services, we can identify the areas of greatest risk and vulnerability in your IT environment and perform the proper remediation.

Security Awareness Training

Create a human firewall with email security training for employees

Most data breaches originate with social engineering attacks, phishing, spear phishing, malware, or spam. Corserva’s security awareness training ensures that cybersecurity stays top of mind for employees so that your organization doesn’t become a victim.


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