Manage Security Threats and Compliance from the Desktop to the Data Center

Cybersecurity has become an industry hot topic. All types of companies are increasingly aware of their exposure to hacking attempts with near-daily headlines highlighting the fact that even the largest companies are not immune. Security threats can come from inside and outside the network. The best solutions will protect the corporation from both malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors originating inside the network.
Managed IT security services

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Cybersecurity solutions include


Network Security as a Service

Protects all parts of the network (applications, clients, WLAN/LAN) from all threats, whether cloud or IoT, within an all-inclusive monthly fee

Managed SIEM

Tracks and analyzes the millions of events that occur in your network, providing intelligence about potential security threats

Managed Firewall

Next generation firewall (NGFW) solutions that include advanced analysis engines to analyze communication streams as they flow through the firewall, delivering excellent perimeter security and control at fast speeds

Email Security

Endpoint protection of incoming and outgoing email that protects your company from all email threats including phishing, malware, spam, imposter email, and other forms of objectionable or dangerous content
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Enterprise Level SIEM Solutions

Firewall solutions protect the edges of the network from outside threats and antivirus software protects a company’s endpoints – the user devices and servers. While still necessary, these solutions are no longer adequate to fully protect a company. What’s required in today’s environment are enterprise level Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to better protect a company’s complex IT environment. Not only do these tools track the millions of events that occur in a network, but they also provide real intelligence as to whether each event was triggered by normal system behavior or should be considered a legitimate threat. Advanced software like this tremendously reduces the amount of data that must be reviewed by a human without sacrificing security. Without this type of software, corporations with limited resources cannot keep up.

In the past, these enterprise quality tools were very expensive to purchase and maintain, so were only used by very large companies. But now Corserva offers a SIEM managed service to our clients for a reasonable, all-inclusive monthly cost. This enables security minded companies to save on licensing and implementation costs while gaining industry leading technology backed by highly certified security professionals.

Managed SIEM