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One way businesses can reduce IT costs is to eliminate onsite IT operations in favor of a managed data center environment. Corserva enables businesses to reap maximum value of their IT budgets with data center solutions that take advantage of the latest technology.

Forward-thinking businesses are realizing they can keep expenses in check while strengthening security by using a shared data center infrastructure. A company that requires the use of a data center understands the cost benefits and security advantages of this service over building and maintaining a company’s own data center to house servers, storage, and networking equipment. With colocation, businesses get a reliable, secure environment for critical business systems with maximum uptime and reduced operational exposure. At the same time, expenses are controlled by sharing the costs of space, power, and connectivity with other firms.

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Data center technologies include:


Integrated Systems

Integrated systems such as converged and hyper-converged systems provide four core data center functions that can be managed by one system: compute, storage, networking, and software.



Scalable storage solutions grow with you as your business grows. You can start small and scale up with data storage solutions that are fast, flexible, efficient, and application-integrated.



Software to run your business brings it all together, including security, disaster recovery, cloud-based, and other applications. You get everything you need to manage your business.



Modern day servers can transform your computing power. Solutions include rack servers, tower servers, and blade servers.



A fully optimized network brings added efficiency to your business. Users can connect regardless of where they are physically located and have access to the same applications and data as their in-office co-workers. Networking solutions include switches, routers, access points, and controllers.

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