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Businesses are looking for ways to reduce their IT costs, and one common strategy is to eliminate onsite IT operations in favor of a managed data center environment. Corserva has two secure data center solutions that serve our customers’ needs for managed hosting. The service you need depends on how much expertise your IT staff has and how much capital you want to invest in IT infrastructure. Regardless of the specific program that we design and implement for you, rest assured that your computing services are provided from two world-class data centers with full redundancy.

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Secure, Redundant, Reliable Computing

Corserva owns and operates geographically distributed data centers located within the United States. Our compliance, physical controls, and professional expertise all add up to data centers that are reliable and safe, providing protection of your data. Corserva takes customer privacy concerns very seriously and has put extensive controls in place to reduce your risk and protect your business.
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Certifications and Compliance

Our data centers are SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II compliant (replacing the former SSAE 16 standard as of May 1, 2017), which provides a benchmark to compare internal controls, processes, security, and availability against industry best practices. In addition, our security practices adhere to the major regulatory compliance acts including NIST, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA, among others.

Physical security

No one gets into our data centers without following strict access protocol. We use the following standards to control access to our data centers:

Data center in Trumbull Connecticut
Keycard and biometric scanning protocols
24x7x365 interior and exterior surveillance monitoring
Limiting access to authorized personnel only
Extensive background checking of our data center employees – both before and during the course of their employment at Corserva


The physical environment of a data center is vital to the proper functioning of the equipment.
Fire monitoring and protection includes automatic sprinklers and smoke detectors located at the ceiling level and below the raised floor. Fire detection and suppression components are monitored by an off-site monitoring service.
The building cooling system consists of two 300-ton chilled water plants with 9 air handling units. Data center space is serviced by redundant Liebert Computer Room Air Conditioning units. Air distribution under the raised floor provides for cold and hot aisles between computer racks for proper equipment cooling.
The property accommodates secure, well lit, on‑grade parking spaces for employees and visitors.

Power Protection

Sustained power is a data center’s core requirement. Utility power outages are a fact of life, but at Corserva we have taken steps to alleviate this potential issue with redundant backup generators on-site and multiple conditioned uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Core Routing

Only fully redundant, enterprise-class Cisco routing equipment is used in our data centers. Corserva utilizes multiple Tier 1 diversified fiber carriers in a BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) configuration to guard against service failure.

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We employ only industry-certified and trained network technicians. Our network and security engineers are thoroughly experienced in managing and monitoring enterprise-level networks. Corserva’s team gives our client companies’ access to engineering depth not found within their internal IT staff capabilities.

Today’s business require 24x7x365 uptime in a highly secure computing environment. For many companies, the resources required to maintain an advanced data center are not financially feasible especially if your IT needs have grown. Corserva’s data centers are fully redundant, secure, and compliant with the latest SSAE 18 data center standards verified through independent audits. Our managed hosting facilities provide the space, power, cooling, and physical security you need for your servers, storage, and networking equipment. We can work with your team and your existing equipment to create a highly secure, high performance, private computing capability for your organization.

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Managed Hosting Services


Rack space

You get dedicated rack space in one of our two SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II compliant (replacing the former SSAE 16 standard) data centers.


Although Corserva can take over many of your IT management tasks, we aren’t looking to replace your current team. We cooperate with your IT staff to ensure that your onsite systems and our data centers work together.


Power and internet redundancy

Downtime is like closing your doors to customers. A power failure or a fiber optic cable accidentally cut by a construction crew could devastate your company. Our data centers have redundant power and internet connections for maximum uptime.


Onsite workspace

Your equipment in our data centers is open to you during normal business hours. We provide an onsite workspace with full internet connectivity.

Data security

Corserva’s data centers use the latest digital security measures to protect your information from malware or unauthorized intrusion. Our security protocols are constantly evolving to meet changing threats.


Remote support

Corserva’s 24x7x365 support services include hands-on technicians who can address any problems from hardware failures to network traffic.

Physical security

From our exterior fenced and gated facility, to our biometric access for key areas, our data centers use secure cabinets and cages and 24x7x365 video surveillance to ensure absolute physical security for your assets.