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Adequate documentation is critical to your success

A critical step when providing managed IT services is to assess and document the client’s network environment. The technology infrastructure of any organization has become much more complex than even just a few years ago. New technologies such as cloud, Big Data, and IoT have provided great opportunities for companies but have also introduced increased network complexity.

What can you expect?

You want a partner that will work with you collaboratively in understanding your business issues and developing remedies. This goes far beyond emailing a monthly report. You should expect regular feedback sessions where your partner is providing you with information and interpreting that information to enable you to get the greatest value from reported metrics.

Why should you use choose Corserva?

First and foremost, we consider ourselves as advisors to your business. With our extensive background in delivering managed services to a variety of industries, we understand how to shape our services to enable you to accomplish your business objectives. With our deep technical knowledge, we can deliver the IT infrastructure in a manner required to achieve those objectives. Thoroughly documenting your environment enables us to identify and provide paths to resolution for identified IT issues.

On a quarterly basis, our Client Services team will review with you the status of your IT infrastructure and priorities for issue resolution or capabilities improvement to support your business needs. We analyze performance metrics and look for opportunities and any potential areas of concern. This partnership approach enables us to provide the greatest value to our customers and maximizes the advantages you gain from our technical expertise.

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