Improve the Guest Experience with Electronic Access Control Systems

Manage access securely and gain complete visibility

The most important purpose of a hotel’s security system is to provide a convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure experience for guests throughout their stay. Participants within the hospitality industry are seeking ways to remain competitive and deliver the optimal guest experience.

New technologies are one way that owners can differentiate their properties in today’s environment where smartphones are prevalent and mobile access presents new opportunities for driving business to your hotel. Improvements can be achieved in both guest experiences and in hotel operations, a win-win for hotel operators.

Setting new standards in security, manageability, and scalability, SALTO Systems manufactures the most technologically advanced electronic access control solutions in the market — wire free and keyless. Door locks are available in a variety of designs, colors, and finishes to complement any property’s style and door type. The impeccable design enhances your hotel’s distinctive positioning and elevates your brand.

Corserva is the only value added reseller for SALTO Systems. We can design a customized physical access control system for you plus provide complete installation of all access control components and ongoing support.

Electronic access control systems

Corserva Signs VAR Agreement with SALTO Systems

July 7, 2017 – Hospitality companies gain an innovative access control platform combined with world class nationwide IT support.

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See why more than 2.5 million locks from SALTO Systems are used to secure doors all over the world.

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Enjoy the benefits of wire free, networked access control solutions for your hospitality business.


Deliver a superior guest experience

Comprehensive 24x7x365 access control

Gain advanced reliability

Electronic access control systems




Wire free, read/write, networked locks that communicate with a central database



Upgradable locks and software to protect against obsolescense



Remote access to monitor your systems anytime day or night



Energy saving device options to control energy use in unoccupied rooms



Bluetooth enabled options for control via smartphone apps



Seamless integration with other systems including CCTV, parking, license plate recognition, biometrics, fire alarm, and physical security information management systems



Granular management of access privileges



Scalable to 65,000 doors and 4,000,000 users



Compatible with most common RFID technologies



Battery free, waterproof keys available as cards, fobs, and bracelets


Managed Services in Hospitality


Corserva Sphere is an integrated managed services model for the effective execution of hospitality technology. The solution covers the complete lifecycle of delivering technology to the hospitality industry, from design to implementation, including ongoing support.

To ensure your systems are operating correctly, Corserva monitors the solution 24x7x365 from our network operations centers to proactively identify and remediate issues. The end benefit to you is maximized uptime, faster remediation, management costs, and a guest experience that is superior to that of competitors.

Managed IT services

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Corserva Sphere

With Corserva Sphere, services are delivered using applications and hardware provided by a set of best of breed technology partners, as well as any partners specifically requested by a client. To learn more about Corserva Sphere, watch this video.

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Corserva Sphere

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“The Changing World of Hospitality”

Corserva Sphere is the first integrated managed services model that provides property owners with the latest technology at a fixed, monthly cost. Under the Corserva Sphere operating model, each of the technologies required to enable the optimal guest experience is integrated into a single solution that is financed, implemented, and supported in a single package.

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Hospitality Technology Concept Center

Seeing is believing. If you’d like to see Corserva Sphere, you can sign up to visit our Hospitality Technology Concept Center in our Orlando office. Experience the latest technology in real world settings from best of breed solution providers, delivered through an innovative new approach to technology management.

Access control IoT

Corserva Sphere is a game-changing development in the hospitality industry. But don’t just take our word for it — see the realization of this solution in person. Come visit the Hospitality Technology Concept Center in Orlando and experience the latest technology in real world settings from best of breed solution providers, delivered through an innovative new approach to technology management.

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Managed services for nonprofits

Hospitality Technology Concept Center

Seeing is Believing

Corserva’s Hospitality Technology Concept Center is a working showcase with flexible configurations built to represent various use cases common in the hospitality industry including front desk guest registration, guest rooms, restaurants, retail stores, and conference meeting rooms. In addition to the Concept Center, Corserva has real-world Hospitality Suites that demonstrate the various technologies used in the Concept Center.

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Hospitality Technology Concept Center