Enhance guest safety and security while reducing operating costs with advanced electronic locking systems


In today’s environment where smartphones are prevalent and guests are concerned about safety, electronic access control systems enable guests to use digital keys on their smartphones instead of physical keys. Corserva sells, installs, and manages advanced electronic access control solutions that provide a convenient, comfortable, safe, and secure experience for guests while increasing efficiency of property operations.

Touchless Digital Keys for Efficiency and Safety

The touchless features of Corserva’s access control solutions enable staff and guests to use digital keys on their smartphones to unlock doors from several feet away, without even taking the phone out of their pocket. With the on door check-in feature, guests can skip the front desk check-in process and use their credit card to check in at the guest room door. Staff can centrally manage all access points from back-of-house to the front desk, and open doors located anywhere on the property. The antimicrobial cover of the door handles provides additional protection for everyone.

Cloud Based Multi-Tenancy


Staff can centrally manage all access points across all locations, and remotely lock or unlock doors anywhere. Membership level groups can be created to provide access to amenities such as pools, spas, fitness centers, and executive lounges across all locations.

Integration Capabilities


By adopting advanced electronic door locking systems, you can control other systems within a hotel room and throughout a property through integration. Unlike motion detection systems (which can be less useful when people are lying still or sleeping), access control systems can definitively pinpoint which rooms are occupied and where specific people are.

Energy Savings Through Integration


Not only can Corserva install and support standalone access control solutions customized to work within your existing infrastructure, we can integrate other systems such as thermostats, lights, and window coverings to further decrease operating expenses. Through the wireless capabilities of access control systems, other energy-consuming systems within rooms can be turned off or turned down, based on whether they are occupied. By upgrading to an advanced electronic physical system for access, you gain the ability to integrate your other systems, even future systems you may not currently have.


  • Guest Safety

    Not only can guests use their own smartphone to unlock their guest room door without touching the lock, they can use their credit card to remotely check-in to a hotel, entirely skipping the front desk check-in process. Guests can unlock the door without touching it, and the door handles have an antimicrobial cover. As guests exit their rooms, they can remotely dispatch the elevator to their floor and specify their destination, eliminating the need to touch any elevator buttons.
  • Staff Productivity

    When you can modify an employee’s access quickly and without redistributing keys or key cards, you increase productivity. A centralized system for access control enables operators to turn off access for any given entry point without the need to go to the door where the lock is. By reviewing historical data, you can measure the time employees spend at different activities; for example, how long it takes to clean a guest room.
  • Security

    You can track who passes through every entry/exit point as well as the location of everyone that has access to the property. Guests gain peace of mind knowing there is a digital trail of who enters their room. For disaster recovery purposes, you can use a local appliance to restore from the cloud quickly.


  • Communication

    Wire free, read/write, networked locks that communicate with a central database through cloud-based software
  • Cloud based multi-tenancy

    Large properties with multiple sites can centrally manage all access points across all locations
  • Remote/touchless unlocking

    Guests can unlock the door from several feet away, even if their key card or smartphone is in their pocket
  • On door check-in

    Guests can use their credit card to remotely check in to a hotel, entirely skipping the front desk
  • Design

    Upgradable locks and software to protect against obsolescence
  • Sanitary

    Touchless unlocking operation and antimicrobial covers protect staff and guests
  • Accessibility

    Remote access to monitor your systems anytime day or night
  • Environmental

    Energy saving device options to control energy use in unoccupied rooms
  • Mobile

    Bluetooth enabled options for control via smartphone apps
  • Connection

    Seamless integration with other systems including CCTV, parking, license plate recognition, biometrics, fire alarm, and physical security information management systems
  • Security

    Granular management of access privileges
  • Growth

    Scalable to 100,000 doors and 50,000,000 users
  • RFID

    Compatible with most common RFID technologies
  • Options

    Battery free, waterproof keys available as cards, fobs, and bracelets

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