Whether you are a multi-office physician practice, hospital, or non-profit provider of health services, the level of scrutiny on your IT performance and security has never been higher. The transition to electronic medical records (EMR) has made it imperative that the IT capabilities of healthcare companies are executed to perfection. The advent of HIPAA and other regulations has ushered in a new era of IT for the healthcare industry. Mandates regarding electronic patient health information (ePHI) pose additional challenges.

No matter the size of your medical organization or how many offices you have, your IT systems need to be fast, efficient, reliable, and, most importantly, secure. Corserva’s healthcare customers rely on our experience to ensure that they are meeting their IT requirements for both performance and security.

If you are looking to make the move to the cloud, streamline your in-house operations, or simply trim your budget, Corserva can help with our managed service offerings customized to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry and your business.

Healthcare companies must implement the correct physical, technical, and administrative safeguards to reduce the risks to ePHI in all physical locations and on all portable devices. Corserva can identify vulnerabilities, unauthorized users, suspicious network activities, and patterns that can indicate or even foretell a breach. Especially considering that fines are levied based on the length of time that patients’ records are vulnerable to a breach, it is more critical than ever that healthcare organizations protect themselves with managed services from Corserva.

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