Achieve HIPAA Compliance with a HIPAA Assessment

Protect the Security of Patient Information

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountabiity Act (HIPAA) requires healthcare organizations to safeguard medical information and protect patient data.

Corserva can perform a HIPAA assessment to determine your compliance status with HIPAA security rules. The assessment provides a complete view of the entire IT environment including all devices that are connected to the network (servers, switches, firewalls, routers, printers, end user devices, etc.). The analysis generates profiles of each device on the network including the hardware components, O/S and patch levels, applications and associated licenses, current antivirus solutions, signature update status, and warranty/support status.

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How the Process Works

As part of the HIPAA assessment, Corserva performs on-site physical checks of certain practices and policies.

Once the HIPAA assessment is complete, we deliver to you HIPAA compliance review documents.

The Corserva HIPAA audit includes: 


Master HIPAA Policy and Procedures document


HIPAA Risk Analysis


HIPAA Management Plan


Evidence of HIPAA Compliance report

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After the assessment, you will have a compliance baseline and an understanding of what process changes and technology changes you will need to make to be in full compliance. Corserva can also perform the required changes identified in the HIPAA assessment.

Once you have achieved HIPAA compliance, you should plan for ongoing validation on a periodic basis to ensure you stay in compliance with the HIPAA security rules.