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In recent years, technology has moved to the forefront of the hospitality industry. Guests expect the same level of connected experience they have at home when they are visiting resorts or staying in hotels. Some technologies have been quickly adopted while others are slower to be embraced. As the network of connected devices has grown, managing this infrastructure can become difficult, especially for staff members who have multiple responsibilities in addition to IT.

As next-generation solutions are developed, those companies that can most effectively take advantage of these new technologies will gain a competitive advantage. Opportunities for technology advances exist in such areas as the check-in/check-out process, security, WiFi, access control, room service, HVAC, valet service, and BYOD.

Coming Soon – Corserva Sphere

Corserva recognizes this change in guest expectations and property owner needs and is launching an entirely new way for hospitality companies to effectively manage their technology needs. Corserva Sphere is the first-ever, integrated managed services model that provides property owners with the latest technology at a fixed, monthly cost.

Under the Corserva Sphere operating model, each of the technologies required to enable the optimal guest experience is integrated into a single solution that is financed, implemented, and supported in a single package.

Hospitality Technology Concept Center

Seeing is believing. If you’d like to see Corserva Sphere, you can sign up to visit our Hospitality Technology Concept Center in our Orlando office. Experience the latest technology in real world settings from best of breed solution providers, delivered through an innovative new approach to technology management.

Hospitality Technology Concept Center

Join Us at HT-NEXT

During this educational event for the hospitality industry, Corserva will announce the launch of Corserva Sphere. All HT-NEXT attendees are invited to the April 11 social event in our Orlando office where you will have the opportunity to tour our new Hospitality Technology Concept Center and see the future of hospitality.

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