Monitor 80+ device types from anywhere 24x7x365


Within the hospitality market, there are opportunities to leverage IoT devices to increase revenue and improve the guest experience. When systems that control maintenance, food service, and other amenities experience performance issues or outages, the business reputation suffers. Corserva’s iCommander platform remotely monitors the status of more than 80 types of devices throughout a property and alerts you to any potential issues to facilitate immediate remediation.

Remote Monitoring to Protect Business Operations


Leveraging our advanced platform, Corserva monitors all IoT devices across your property to maintain guest comfort, safety, and compliance. Alerts are generated immediately as issues arise so that we can correct problems before they impact guests. By proactively resolving potential issues, you protect food safety and prevent other outages that can result in negative guest reviews.

More Than 80 Different Device Types Supported


The iCommander platform monitors the operation of devices used in facility monitoring, food service, HVAC, and more. Sensors are available for door locks, thermostats, lights, window coverings, mini-bars, in-room safes, water valves, surveillance cameras, and food temperature probes.

Flexible Plans for Monitoring


iCommander is available in multiple plans to align with your business operations. After implementation of the iCommander platform, you can elect to have Corserva perform ongoing monitoring 24x7x365. Alternately, your own internal IT staff can perform the monitoring.

Corserva’s engineers perform remote monitoring from our geographically dispersed network operations centers (NOC). Our staff have key security certifications including CISSP, GSEC, CEH, and CompTIA Security+, as well as vendor certifications from industry leaders including HPE Aruba, Samsung, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, and more.


  • Prevent guest-impacting outages

    Batteries die, hardware fails, and equipment goes offline. With Corserva’s iCommander monitoring service, potential issues are diagnosed and corrected before they cause outages. Regular maintenance of devices and systems is conducted to maximize revenue and provide world-class service.
  • 24x7x365 support

    Corserva’s engineers are available to you around the clock from our geographically dispersed NOCs via phone, web, and email. Corserva has the expertise to keep advanced hospitality devices up and running.
  • Fixed fees

    For a fixed monthly cost, you can rest easy knowing all devices within all buildings and properties are being monitored to maintain successful operation.


  • Comprehensive

    Corserva’s iCommander dashboard provides unique perspective into the status of all devices. Because we bring together all the data from your disparate technology systems, issues can be corrected much more quickly than could be done by monitoring systems separately.
  • Support for all technologies and devices

    Our monitoring platform supports all your IoT devices. Over 80 different types of sensors can be used in applications for front-of-house, back-of-house, guest rooms, restaurants, kitchens, pools, spas, and more.
  • Precise

    The iCommander dashboard provides an overall view into the status of all in-room guest technologies at your property. When an alert appears, we can instantly drill down to the property level, building level, floor level, room level, and individual IoT device level for precision in troubleshooting.
  • Customized

    For each client, Corserva configures a custom set of alerts so that we can concentrate on the issues that will have the biggest impact on room availability in your business.
  • Granular

    Our advanced dashboard tools highlight the number and type of issues to be addressed at each property, building, floor, and room. Issues are color coded with yellow and red to indicate severity. We can drill down from a global view of all your properties to specific locations, buildings, floors, rooms, and devices.
  • Integrated

    Corserva can integrate our monitoring service with ticketing systems such as HotSOS and ServiceNow to generate service tickets. We can also integrate with remote network monitoring systems to access details on computer devices located in front-of-house and back-of-house areas.
  • Fast

    The graphical interface enables us to accurately pinpoint the source of an issue quickly and highlights the most pressing issues, such as those involving a gateway device. At the alert level, we can view specific details about the error.

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