Legal firms have very specific requirements for their computing systems including the management of large quantities of confidential client data which may include video testimonials and healthcare data. In addition, the up-time of certain key backbone applications is critical to the effective operations of the business. Time is money. And critical application slowness or downtime cannot be tolerated. Due to the need for complete client confidentiality, the legal industry has proceeded cautiously when considering moving to a cloud computing environment, despite the fact that attorneys require access to data from anywhere at any time.

Corserva understands these concerns. We provide customized services that improve your IT functions and remove your IT headaches. If you’re ready, we can enable you to smoothly transition to a cloud computing model that will provide you a more efficient way to run your practice where you gain flexibility, cost savings, streamlined operations, and secure environments.

Corserva provides both high levels of performance realization and application and data security for legal firms. We address critical issues such as remote offices and personal off-network access, as well as the security of mobile devices. With managed services from Corserva, uptime performance is maximized while applications and data assets remain secure.

Managed Services for the Legal Industry

Many legal firms don’t have a dedicated IT team to manage their computing functions. The result can be piecemeal solutions cobbled together by internal staff or expensive contracts with multiple vendors. Corserva offers a better way. Our managed services take the daily demands of managing your IT functions off your plate and put them in the hands of dedicated experts working with the latest technology to deliver efficient and effective IT services.

With Corserva as your managed services partner you will no longer have to worry about managing, maintaining, and upgrading your servers, network, software, and devices. You can say goodbye to expensive labor costs and unpredictable downtime.

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