Managed Cloud Hosting

Your own private cloud including VMs, software, memory, CPUs, advanced data center security, and real time backups

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Focus on your business instead of IT

Private hosted technology solutions enable your staff to focus on your business instead of IT infrastructure. And private cloud managed services provide you with a dedicated, private IT environment in the cloud. You reap the benefits of virtual infrastructure and storage that is completely scalable to your needs. Therefore, you always have access to the capacity you need when you need it.

What can you expect in a managed cloud hosting provider?

Your provider should give you access to your own customized, private cloud dedicated to only your organization. Your private cloud should be hosted in a secure data center that is preferably owned by the MSP — this ensures you will only deal with one vendor and will get the best service.

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Why should you use Corserva for private cloud managed services?

With Corserva, your private cloud is purpose-built for you and it is not shared with other Corserva clients. Included in the service are virtual machines, software, memory, CPUs, advanced data center security, and real-time backups.

Prior to setting up your private cloud, we will collect information from you regarding your needs such as:

Number of physical and virtual servers
For each physical server, what type of processors, memory, and storage
Which virtual machines (VM) are on each physical server
Type of SAN, DAS, or NAS utilized
Bandwidth requirements

We set up your private cloud in one of our fully secure, hardened, N+1 redundant, SSAE 16 Type II compliant data centers, which limits the risk of application outages and capacity constraints that result from power and communications interruptions.

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Corserva architects custom built hosted solutions that deliver the performance and availability that you need for your business. We can host your existing equipment (colocation) or you can leverage our expertise to determine the exact specifications for new equipment required to meet your changing needs. Futhermore, our 24x7x365 technical support team will provide you with the operational support you need based on your tailor-made proactive management plan.

Move your focus from your IT infrastructure to your business

Experts to manage your private cloud


Device Monitoring

We monitor and manage your servers and network devices. Most noteworthy, our monitoring includes disk usage, memory usage, CPU load, IP latency, services/processes, hardware issues, and much more.

Application Monitoring

We monitor applications including web services, mail servers, and more. You select the performance monitors and our technical experts will monitor them 24x7x365.

Antivirus Monitoring

We manage and monitor your antivirus, checking threats and actions taken, and ensuring virus definitions are current.

Patch Management

We identify, approve, and update important security patches and hotfixes for your Microsoft operating systems and applications.

Software License Management

We manage product licenses and renewals for all software purchased and deployed by us.

Change Management

Our change management procedures ensure that any modifications to your systems are documented and approved by you.


Gain insight into the operations of your IT systems with customized reports based on events, performance, trending, and overall health.

24x7 Technical Support

Our goal is to ensure that your IT systems are always up and running and that any problems are resolved quickly and accurately by our NOC staff.

Warranty Management

We manage and escalate hardware issues with the manufacturer and ensure warrantied equipment is serviced as needed.
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Cloud hosting services are a way for businesses and organizations of all sizes to improve their uptime, improve scalablity, and embrace innovative new technologies. In particular, they are an effective way for small- and mid-sized organizations to scale quickly without significant infrastructure investment. Cloud solutions are also a smart choice for growing businesses that need scalable services that can expand with them.

The benefits of cloud services from Corserva include:

Lower IT operating costs
Consolidate IT resources
Reduce routine maintenance requirements
Provide greater security for your systems and data
Improve network reliability
Position the business for growth
Be deployed in a matter of hours
Position the organization for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS

Customization. Hosting. Management. Reporting.

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