Microsoft 365: Get Office Productivity Combined with Windows 10

Microsoft 365

Managed services for Office 365

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution that includes Office 365 and Windows 10 Enterprise, plus enterprise-level mobility and security features.

It is a complete modern workplace bundle.

Microsoft 365 is available in a business plan for companies with up to 300 employees and enterprise plans for larger companies.

Microsoft 365 Business

An integrated solution that ties together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities.

Supporting up to 300 users, Microsoft 365 Business is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Delivers a complete, intelligent solution to empower employees to be creative and work together in a secure environment.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise is designed for enterprise customers with complex IT environments and compliance requirements.

Microsoft 365 migration services

Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Corserva offers Microsoft 365 migration services and managed services for businesses who want to gain a robust productivity solution for employees and free up their internal IT staff from dealing with end user issues. The cloud-based solution is provided for a low monthly subscription price with 24x7x365 support.


Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365

Microsoft 365 includes the Office applications and business productivity tools of Office 365, but with lots more added in.

Microsoft 365 includes Office 365 plus enterprise-level security and device management capabilities, along with the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system.

Microsoft 365 versus Office 365

Microsoft 365 Business Standard
Compared to
Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 E3, and Microsoft 365 E5

Microsoft 365 plans

Why upgrade from Office 365 to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a complete modern workplace productivity bundle of services.

The integrated solution includes Office 365 communication and collaboration tools, enterprise-level mobility and security features, along with Windows 10 OS as a service.

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Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft 365

The following use cases highlight compelling scenarios to upgrade to Microsoft 365:


You plan to upgrade your workstations from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Microsoft 365 includes Windows 10 so when you upgrade from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 you get everything in O365 plus Windows 10. In most cases, you will pay less for Microsoft 365 than you were for O365 and Windows.


You need extra security features

Microsoft 365 Business includes many advanced security features, such as Data Loss Prevention, Azure Active Directory, Intune, Shared Computer Activation, and Conditional Access.


You are already using additional security products

By upgrading to Microsoft 365, you can save money. Your costs for any additional security products plus what you are already paying for Office 365 probably exceed what you will pay for Microsoft 365 Business.


You are already using Office 365 E3

Microsoft 365 Business offers more complete security over Office 365 Enterprise E3, and both plans are priced at $20 per user per month. If you have fewer than 300 users, there’s no reason not to upgrade to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Business vs Office 365 E3

You are already using Office 365 E5

At $57 per user per month, Microsoft 365 E5 costs less than what you would pay for Office 365 and Windows 10, along with the extra security tools.

Microsoft 365 E5 versus Office 365 E5

Why should you outsource your Microsoft 365 migration?

  1. Experience – The amount of experience you have performing cloud migrations will greatly impact how smoothly the migration will go.
  2. Quality – There is a big difference between a complete migration that successfully brings over all of the data, settings, and personalization items versus one that misses things.
  3. IT Staff Cost – When you migrate to Microsoft 365 using your own internal IT staff, that staff is unavailable for other work.
  4. End User Employee Cost – If there are issues during the migration that result in downtime for users, the impact to the business can be significant.
  5. Risk Tolerance – How critical to your business is maximizing uptime? What is the tolerance for risk of your leadership team?
Microsoft 365 migration services

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What can you expect in a provider of Microsoft 365

managed services?

By selecting an MSP to provide Microsoft 365 as a service to your organization, you can reap the rewards of using this service as one part of a comprehensive managed IT services contract that includes IT remote monitoring and alerting. By having your MSP manage your Microsoft 365 application, you can have your partner take care of new user additions, upgrades, and deletions, as well as account administration.

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