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The addition of mobile devices to the workplace has created additional challenges for IT. Networks must provide the extra bandwidth needed but at the same time networks must remain secure.
Enterprise level mobility solutions provide the required bandwidth for all devices across the network, both work and personal. Users can access the platforms they need, whether they are in the office or not. And all endpoint devices remain secure.

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Protect Your Corporate Data with Enterprise Level Mobility

With enterprise level mobility solutions, users have simplified access to enterprise apps, corporate data remains secure, and productivity increases.

Enterprise class mobility protects your data and IT infrastructure from the security risks mobile devices create and optimizes the infrastructure for more efficient use by such devices, making it easier for employees to safely work on their own devices inside or outside of the office. Corserva’s mobile device management solutions can be customized, so you only pay for the services you need. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, enabling you to easily make a change to your mobile strategy.

Enterprise mobility management

Our Three-Pronged Approach

Corserva uses a three-pronged approach to mobile security to ensure protection at the source, over the internet, and within applications.

Mobile devices

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are used by workers inside and outside of the office. They include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and notebooks. Any device that connects to the internet represents a new potential security risk. Corserva limits those risks by developing mobile use policies and ensuring each device has the appropriate MDM security software in place to match the specific needs of your company.


Wireless capabilities have made workers more productive than ever, but that productivity comes with a cost in the form of security lapses. Mobile-friendly WiFi networks must be fast enough and have the capacity to handle the surge in use that comes with increased access via mobile devices. Corserva enables organizations to create strong and secure wireless networks with enterprise-grade routers and secure access points, giving you complete control of your wireless network performance and security.


Applications represent another security risk, particularly if a device is lost or stolen. In the event of the loss of a device, any corporate data that is on the device is at risk of theft, and the thief may have the ability to access your network. Securing these devices in the event of loss is a core component of Corserva’s mobile device management.