Network Assessments

Do you struggle with these network issues?


Are outages and slow networks hampering your employee’s productivity?


Do you feel vulnerable to security breaches?


Did you inherit a network you didn’t create, and worry about design flaws?


Are you frustrated by a multitude of technology and cybersecurity decisions?

Gain an Accurate Understanding of Your Network Capabilities

The IT network is the backbone of your business. A weak network will hamper employee productivity and cause inefficiencies. Improper configuration in parts of the network can leave you vulnerable to security breaches.

Undoubtably, there are deficiences in your network of which you are already aware. But you face significant risks from the issues you don’t yet know about.


A comprehensive network assessment provides a clear understanding of the current state of your IT. Then, you can plan for network improvements that will enable your IT infrastructure to support your future business goals.

Corserva can perform a network assessment to analyze the current state of your network and uncover its vulnerabilities.

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How Our Process Works


We analyze the performance of your network (LAN and WAN) and your physical network devices, cabling, and supporting infrastructure.

We document and validate the physical connectivity between all network devices, so you know everything that’s on your network.


We create network diagrams and review our findings with you, then make recommendations in the areas of security and future maintenance.

What You Gain

The network assessment will provide you with an enormous amount of useful information, including:

A complete mapping of physical and logical topologies

IP addresses currently in use and which devices are using them

Profiles of every device on the network

Information on every connection in the network


The analysis generates profiles of each device on the network including the hardware components, O/S and patch levels, applications and associated licenses, current antivirus solutions, signature update status, and warranty/support status.

Corserva will also discuss with you the need to comply with relevant industry compliance regulations and future assessments you should plan for to remain in compliance.

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