Network Operations Centers

Supporting your IT infrastructure and IoT devices

Corserva has two Network Operations Centers (NOC) in Trumbull, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida. These hardened facilities monitor performance and security events 24x7x365 and have N+1 redundancy for all major systems. From each NOC, we provide monitoring and remediation of traditional IT infrastructure and IoT devices, including network equipment, servers, storage, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. For each device type, there is a performance monitoring template that defines the device parameters to be monitored, the threshold to be used for alerting, and the measurement frequency for that device. Our NOCs utilize the latest in monitoring technology as well as the industry’s most advanced incident management solution. Of critical importance is communication with each client for each incident. In addition to supporting multiple inbound communication methods for connecting with the NOC, our management solution creates constant, up to the minute, updates to the client for each issue. Our clients are always informed of the status of each incident. Our NOC teams include Level 1, 2, and 3 technicians in all disciplines. Members of our NOC teams have real-time connectivity with field resources to expedite on-site remediation.  

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Some of the functions and characteristics of the NOC team include:
Monitoring client assets 24x7x365
Integrated incident response across required team members
Proactive assessment of devices that are creating multiple warnings or predictive failure reports
Patch, upgrade, and security updates
Level 1, 2, and 3 engineers available at all times
Daily monitoring for all ongoing services, including backups and managed firewalls
Network operations centers (NOC) in Connecticut and Florida
Supported contracted services such as firewall rule updates
Monitoring and isolation of security threats
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Corserva adheres to the following best practices for network operations centers:

Ticketing system

We track all client issues in an online ticketing system from first alert of the incident to remediation. Based on severity, open issues are assigned to specific groups of members from our NOC teams. Open issues are continuously monitored and prioritized accordingly to enable Corserva to offer the best possible customer service.

Knowledge base

Corserva maintains a repository of documentation accessible to all members of our NOC teams for speedier resolution of issues. The knowledge base is continuously added to and updated as new situations occur.


Timely reports are evaluated by management to keep abreast of NOC activities and any significant client issues.

Operational analysis

Systems pertinent to each NOC are evaluated for optimal performance. To aid in remediation, user issues are replicated.
By following these best practices, Corserva delivers optimal performance to our clients.
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