Managed IT Services for Non‑Profit Organizations

Do you struggle to maximize the value of your technology investment?


Are your IT costs escalating?


Do you worry your organization could become a victim of ransomware?


Are you frustrated by a multitude of technology and cybersecurity decisions?


Do you feel vulnerable to security breaches?


Is your organization prepared for disasters?


Are outages and slow networks hampering staff productivity?


Do you struggle to meet compliance objectives for PCI and other mandates?


Is your IT staff stretched too thin?


Maximize the Return on Donations and Funding

Non-profit organizations and associations strive to stretch their donations in support of their members or charities for which they serve. Spending money on technology is never high on the priority list.

At the same time, attracting donors, sponsors, and volunteers requires the use of certain technologies as information must be kept secure and be available via mobile. For these reasons, it makes sense for non-profits to use IT managed services instead of building up their own internal IT team. With managed services, non-profits gain the IT infrastructure they need while meeting their budgetary constraints.

Corserva makes it possible for non-profits to focus on their mission, and not waste any resources trying to maintain and manage an agile and responsive IT network on top of that. With managed services from Corserva, companies have a secure, stable, IT environment with 24x7x365 support.

"We wanted to reduce our costs for email services and gain new capabilities by migrating to Microsoft Office 365. There is a ton of information, as well as misinformation, out there about migrating to Office 365. Corserva laid out a clear plan to accomplish our goals, providing all the technical resources we needed throughout the process.

Since the migration, we've reduced our email related costs to 25% of what we were paying before, added new features and alleviated some internal support issues. The team at Corserva was super accessible and responsive to our needs throughout the project."


Robert Alderton
IT Director, Kripalu Center

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Managed Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Corserva provides all the IT managed services non-profits require, including:


Complete monitoring and support for networks, servers, storage, and end user assets


Configuration, installation, and maintenance of virus, malware, and spam solutions for network and end user devices


Management of patch upgrade requirements for Microsoft Windows servers and desktops


Local backup for servers and end user devices


Local recovery for servers and end user devices


Recovery assurance, a program to execute and measure your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) on a regular, certified basis


Managed firewall services including intrusion prevention, data loss prevention, web content filtering, and application control


Security monitoring 24x7x365 from our security operations center


Unparalleled expertise and certified experts to guide you through every need


Consistent, single point of contact to address any possible issues that you have


Mobile device management for BYOD devices


Managed hosting provided by our PCI and HIPAA compliant data centers

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Consulting Services for Non-Profits

Corserva offers a full range of IT consulting services to address any computing need. We can help you maximize the performance of your in-house systems, transition to cloud-based operations and services, or provide off-site support. Our consulting services include:

Storage Consulting

Corserva’s storage consulting service enables you to maximize the storage capacities of your own servers. We offer storage consolidation, additional storage space, and server maintenance. Our goal is to make the most of the storage solutions you already have by meeting your needs today and planning for growth tomorrow.

Data Center Optimization Consulting

Optimizing your data center streamlines operations and results in reduced operating costs, improved functionality, and smaller physical space requirements for on-site servers. We can help consolidate your data centers, or move your IT functions into one of our secure off-site facilities.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Consulting

It is critical to protect your data at all times. Redundancy ensures your data is protected and backed up, ready to be accessed in the event of an emergency. Services include redundant data centers, live 24x7x365 backup, and immediate deployment. We can also install preventative measures on your site that minimize downtime in the event of an emergency, and even offer a physical workspace location if your office is unavailable due to a disaster.

Virtualization Consulting

Corserva helps you decide which aspects of your IT infrastructure to virtualize and plan accordingly. We examine all aspects of your current computing needs from networking, data centers, and hardware, to operating systems, applications, and network infrastructure. We evaluate existing virtual systems and make recommendations for improvement.

Security Consulting

We can provide an all-in-one solution of storage and security in one of our SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II/PCI compliant data centers or we can advise you of security improvements you can make in-house to protect your data. Our approach identifies areas of risk and protects your systems and data from breaches. Security consulting may cover: advisory services, identity and access controls, network and data protection, and security management and analysis, depending on your needs. Our data centers meet the compliance requirements of regulatory standards including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and PCI DSS.

Managed services for nonprofits

Private Cloud Services for Non-Profits

Cloud based services enable non-profits to reduce or eliminate their in-house IT investment. We offer dependable, scalable, secure, and affordable private cloud services.

Private Clouds

A dedicated cloud environment for your non-profit. Private clouds are suitable for supporting mission-critical applications, lessening the burdens on your IT staff, and reducing capital hardware expenses.

Microsoft Office 365

Provides email and Microsoft Office applications without the need for a heavy investment in administrative time or hardware.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Provides safe and secure data storage that can easily be accessed when you need it.

Cloud Business Continuity

Services are critical to keep the business running if your internal systems are destroyed, lost, or disabled.