Comply with PCI DSS

Ensure the Security of Credit Card Information

Protecting personally identifiable information (PII), especially financial information, has become more important with today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. Companies that do not adequately protect this information and fall victim to a hacker suffer the negative consequences to their corporate reputation.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires companies that store, process, or transmit credit card information to protect that information to reduce credit card fraud. Corserva’s PCI DSS assessment checks to see if your company is storing data in a way that meets the requirements of this information standard in the areas of security, data archiving, and accessibility.

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How the Process Works

As part of the PCI DSS assessment, Corserva analyzes the cybersecurity of all types of data storage: 




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Corserva can perform a PCI DSS assessment to determine your compliance status with PCI DSS. After the assessment, you will have a compliance baseline and an understanding of what process changes and technology changes you will need to make to be in full compliance. Corserva can also perform the required changes identified in the PCI DSS assessment.

Once you have achieved PCI DSS compliance, you should plan for ongoing validation on a periodic basis to ensure you stay in compliance.