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Large format display

Smart TVs and large format displays

Frequently, guests find the in-room television to be lacking in content and features. At the same time, displays located throughout a property offer an untapped opportunity to promote available services.

Corserva has the experience to install and manage smart TV and large format display deployment projects for single location boutique hotels as well as large multi-location corporations. We remove the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors for you and deliver a guest experience that is superior to that of your competitors.

Benefits of Smart TVs

Today’s smart TVs enable hoteliers to transform the hotel room TV into a control hub. In addition to pushing out and managing world-class entertainment options across all the displays throughout a property, you can send customized messages about services in which the guest may be interested. Hoteliers increase profits and promote their brand when they can deliver time-sensitive special offers on the guest room TV.


Deliver personalized messages directly to hotel guests without interrupting them with a phone call or knock at the door.


Offer guests easy access to a wide range of services, such as room service, wake-up calls, local destinations, and billing information.


Enable guests to securely stream their own subscription services from their mobile devices directly to the guest room TV.

Smart TVs

Benefits of Digital Signage

Large scale displays create an ideal opportunity for hotels and resorts to offer promotions and other customized messages to guests. Best of all, today’s powerful solutions are more seamless and affordable than ever and enable you to centrally manage content remotely across multiple displays and locations.

Corserva’s interactive digital signs enable guests to touch the screen to make selections or get more information. Use cases include menu boards, retail offers, and time-sensitive discounts.


Promote your brand to your guests and visitors.


Create unique messaging using customizable templates and graphics with the ability to upload your own graphics and logos.


Update the content on any digital sign across all properties from one central location in real-time.


Enable event triggers for targeted content delivery.

Digital signage

Content management

With Corserva’s solutions for content management, you can centrally control the content across all displays and TVs in all your locations in real-time. Built-in templates and designs make it easy for you to update messages as frequently as you like.

You can also program event triggers to deploy supplemental content based on specific guest behavior. For example, you can enable a special price discount to show only when a guest taps to request more information on a specific item.

Content management

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Control hub

Transform the hotel room TV into a control hub

You can enable guests to use the TV remote control or their own smartphone as an all-in-one environment controller. When all the systems within a guest room can be controlled from one point, this provides exceptional convenience to the guest. For example, while lying in bed, a guest can adjust the room temperature, lighting, and draperies.

With in-room controls, you gain benefits for both your staff and your guests. Intelligent automation enables you to dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and create a more luxurious guest experience. Employees can monitor a room in real-time from a mobile app to check environmental factors such as temperature and potential maintenance issues. You improve staff efficiency by automating processes.

Deliver your own customized content

Hoteliers can program hospitality displays to showcase personalized and customized content. The interface is bi-directional, enabling guests to access their favorite web-based apps and social media directly on the hotel room TV.

These solutions are available today. Best of all, other systems within the hotel room can be integrated and controlled from the TV.

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