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Assessments of your storage and data protection to find underutilized storage, improve backup success, and offer advisory services in data classification, information lifecycle management, and more

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Data Management Strategies

Technologies that have made data collection simple have created a new problem—effective management of increased quantities of data. Simply adding additional disk space is not efficient. As your business grows, so must your storage strategies. Your storage architecture becomes more complex. You don’t simply need more storage; you need strategies, data flows, and software tools that allow users to store and retrieve information effortlessly. The growing web of equipment and contracts from multiple vendors creates an administrative nightmare, and the money and time needed to manage data storage complexity increases exponentially as the infrastructure expands.

We have experience with all major data storage equipment vendors and enterprise cloud storage providers, as well as a history of proven systems and storage configuration strategies for implementing solutions that work and offer a measurable ROI.

A complete solution isn’t just about the latest storage technologies. Corserva’s storage consulting and support services span the entire information technology environment, allowing us to create a comprehensive plan that encompasses your entire infrastructure.

Corserva’s storage design services address the following areas


Storage Infrastructure

Corserva evaluates your existing data storage infrastructure looking for inefficient, insecure, or outdated technologies. We then come up with a plan to implement hardware and software upgrades that meet your current and future storage needs within a budget you can afford.

Installation & Implementation

Once we’ve developed a data storage plan for you, we help you turn the plan into a reality. Our project management experts work out a strategy for implementing the modifications to your system without interrupting your business.

Storage Service

We recognize that many companies are moving from on-site data storage options to cloud solutions. We can create a robust and secure storage plan for your company that scales with your business. You never need to worry about adding new hardware or expanding your data center because the capacity is automatically there as you need it.

Backup & Recovery

A data storage plan must include a backup and recovery plan. Corserva’s services automate and simplify the backup process with the latest innovations in the industry. Even if you don’t use cloud technologies for storage today, Corserva can develop an offsite cloud backup plan that will keep your data safe even in the event of a regional disaster such as a hurricane.

Data Optimization & Availability

As data storage needs grow, data recovery becomes more complicated. Users don’t want to wade through years of irrelevant company records or search in multiple places just to find one document. We help you organize your data to make it easy to search and recover the information needed.


Data storage is heavily regulated by laws such as NIST, HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, and GLBA that have requirements about security, data archiving, and accessibility. All of our onsite, cloud, and remote data storage solutions are compliant with these and other information laws.

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