IT is continually evolving and Corserva understands our clients’ challenges in determining which new technologies to adopt and what steps to take to prepare for the future growth of the company. Corserva supports the entire IT lifecycle, from procurement of hardware and software to asset disposal. By partnering with Corserva, our clients gain access to the smartest technical talent, the most effective technologies, and an execution methodology that delivers consistent results. What makes our IT services unique are the breadth and depth of our offerings, combined with the expertise of our certified engineers.

We provide ongoing support for each of our IT services from two US based, geographically dispersed, 24x7x365 network operations centers (NOCs). Our NOCs provide monitoring and remediation in the areas of device performance and maintenance, antivirus, malware, next generation firewall management, and business continuity.

Not only do we have the technical proficiency to deliver the technology solutions that are best for your business, but we become your single point of contact for technical issues – your first line of defense. When a problem arises, you no longer need to waste time figuring out which vendor you need to contact. Leave the IT headaches to us. We will troubleshoot the issue and get it resolved, working with your application provider and other vendors as needed.

When you partner with Corserva, one of the first things we do is a thorough analysis of your existing IT landscape and document your complete IT environment. Frequently, we find that clients were at much greater risk of performance and security interruptions than they first realized. By having a complete understanding of your IT Infrastructure, we can make recommendations to correct issues and improve performance. This also enables us to effectively troubleshoot future problems.

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