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With security breaches and ransomware events in the headlines every day, security has become top of mind for all technology professionals. Cybersecurity best practices require a multi-layered approach that provides visibility into your IT environment. If you don’t have your own full time chief information security officer (CISO), you need outside expertise that can advise you.

Companies must make sure that all systems and data are secure. Virtual CISO services offer a cybersecurity-minded perspective across a company’s IT infrastructure to ensure security is woven through the corporate environment and that security risks are limited. 

Virtual CISO services include:


Strategic and tactical cybersecurity advisory services


IT security policies alignment with business strategy


Security program development


IT security auditing


Compliance and risk management


Personnel security and training


Security response planning

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Security is Not a Shopping Cart

If creating a secure IT environment was simply a matter of selecting the correct set of tools, it would be easy. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Today’s cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated than ever. You can be breached and not even realize it, while the intruder lies low, testing various methods of further malicious activity.

Virtual CISO services provide a holistic approach to safeguarding computer systems and data.


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Benefits of Virtual CIO Services


Gain an outside, unbiased perspective of your company's security risks


Learn the process changes required to create a more secure environment


Invest in the right technologies that will most strengthen security instead of the technologies that are easiest to implement


Create a secure, reliable network

Virtual CIO Services versus Virtual CISO Services

When you don’t have a full time CIO on staff, virtual CIO services can be used to fulfill that role. These services enable the company to choose the right technologies to implement that will support the business and make business processes more efficient.

Similarly, when you don’t have a full time CISO on staff, virtual CISO services can be used to ensure the company’s IT infrastructure is secure and data is protected. Most importantly, these services guide a company in the correct response to security breaches and other cyber attacks.