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Virtualization begins with the architecture

You need a carefully thought out, optimized virtualization architecture that supports your IT needs while being stable, reliable, and scalable. You may have already adopted virtualization as a way to decrease capital and operating costs. But if you haven’t assessed your current virtualization strategy recently, you may be missing out on opportunities to further optimize your IT infrastructure. At Corserva, our experience with virtualization technologies gives us the knowledge required to create a successful solution that incorporates:


Server and Desktop Virtualization


Readiness Assessments


Architecture and Design


High Availability Technologies


Shared Storage Technologies


Software Defined Data Center

Virtualization design

There are a number of virtualization technologies that can be implemented in order to optimize your IT infrastructure. The key is to pick the right set of virtualization tools that meet your specific business objectives. Our virtualization experts will provide an in-depth assessment of your strategic needs, then recommend a cost effective, reliable, and scalable solution for your business.

Using virtualization technology, Corserva can help your company use your hardware resources more efficiently, while providing users better access to the system from wherever they are working.

With a wide variety of virtualization options, Corserva offers the expertise businesses need to develop a plan for virtualization



We gather information about your current infrastructure, your enterprise needs, your budget and more, so we can create a solution tailored specifically to you.


Our experts put together a blueprint of what the architecture should look like.


The physical systems are assembled and software is installed.


We test the final configuration ensuring it meets all requirements. If there is a problem, we want to find it before implementation and before it impacts your business.


The final tested architecture is installed in its final location, whether that is your onsite data center or ours.


Finally, we migrate your servers over to the virtual architecture, with little to no disruption of your daily operations.
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