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Streamline Your Technology Deployment Projects

When a large or nationwide technology deployment is in your future, timing is everything. You want all your locations to receive their equipment at the same time, and you want systems to be properly configured for seamless integration.

The way you can do this is by having adequate warehouse space to hold your physical inventory until it is time to make the final delivery and installation. Corserva provides warehouse space to keep your project on track.

Location, Location, Location

Location is important when planning large deployment projects. You need integration labs and staging areas located near warehousing facilities to allow you to perform needed work in a controlled environment and then moved to a secure storage area until it is time for the roll out. Our network of configuration labs and warehouses across the country are conveniently located to service your needs.

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Simplify Your New Technology Rollouts

During the deployment process, proper warehousing and inventory facilities can streamline the entire process: storing products, shipping them to their final destination, and picking up outdated equipment and bringing it into the warehouse for parts recycling, refurbishing, or ultimate disposal.

Having warehouse space simplifies these steps and facilitates:


Management of products awaiting configuration and those completed and ready for shipment


Stockpiling parts and supplies commonly needed items until requisitioned by field engineers


Inventorying components needed for technology build and installation


Storage of constrained products


Managing product recalls


Phasing in projects on schedule




Equipment refreshes


Centralizing equipment for distribution to appropriate locations


Storing unneeded equipment


Storing components where deployment might be spread out over many months

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Secure Warehousing Protects Assets

Corserva’s network of warehouses provide both inventory space and security. Our facilities are access controlled and managed so that your valuable technology assets are secure until you need them.

In planning a technology deployment, it is important to keep your costs in check. Procurement, configuration, and installation represent a major part of your budget, but transportation and storage charges are additional costs you must plan on as well. When you allocate a realistic budget to professional logistics and warehousing solutions, you are protecting your assets.


Having storage space improves your inventory control capabilities. When used with asset management and tracking software, you can assure that you will have supplies on hand when you need them.


When stored in a warehouse, you can evaluate equipment and make decisions about whether to store it in a central facility or put it in use elsewhere.


Unused equipment and supplies left in the field are subject to pilfering, especially when items are small. By centralizing storage of unused monitors, cables, switches, and the like, you can assure that these items do not disappear.

Total Supply Chain Management

To maximize the benefits of having physical warehouse space, logistics practice at Corserva assures that you have the personnel, materials handling equipment, and the supply-chain management software at your disposal to assure proper handling throughout the process. Proper supply chain management assures success at all levels of your deployment:


Tools for consistent forecasting in order management


Resources on hand for configuration and staging tasks


Assistance in asset management and tracking


Proper handling of all types of equipment


Accurate and comprehensive project status reporting


Flexible shipment policies