Wireless Network Assessments

Do you struggle with any of these issues in your wireless network?


Weak WiFi signal and bottlenecks


Spotty coverage in certain areas of your building or campus


Legacy wireless infrastructure that can’t keep up with today’s heavy mobile usage

Improve Your Wireless Infrastructure

Your customers and employees expect strong WiFi that is available throughout your building or campus environment. 

Employees rely on WiFi when they are away from their office in conference rooms, cafeterias, lounges, and other areas of the building. 

Visitors expect to have access to the internet at least as fast and as readily as they have it at home.

Wireless technologies can also enable location-based services that may be pertinent to your business. Investing in your wireless infrastructure will make your business operations more efficient.


Cheeca Lodge and Spa case study

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How Our Process Works


We review with you your current concerns about your wireless network infrastructure.



We assess your existing wireless network to uncover technical deficiencies.


We design a new or supplemental wireless infrastructure to provide you with enterprise quality WiFi throughout your building or campus.

“We wanted to enhance the wireless infrastructure of our very expansive beachfront property. Good, strong Wi-Fi is a critical amenity to our guests, both for personal and business use. We found the Corserva team to be attentive to our needs and dedicated to delivering on promises. I highly recommend Corserva.”

Client testimonial

Robb Russman
Chief Engineer, Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Customized for Your Environment

Our assessment process considers the unique characteristics of your building that can impact WiFi signal strength, including:


Types of external and internal doors


Material composition of external and internal walls


Configurations of staircases and stairwells


Types of windows


Prepare Your WiFi Network for the Future

Wireless solutions from Corserva enable you to support the growing throughput requirements of mobile users and provide proper traffic balancing fom WiFi to switch to WAN.

Built-in Redundancy

Multiple network controllers operate together so that users are not impacted if an equipment failure occurs.

Seamless Upgrades

Because reboots are not required during software upgrades, users are not impacted.

Enterprise Grade WiFi

Let your best-in-class WiFi accurately reflect the reputation of your identity.

Strong Signal Strength

Mobile devices that connect to your WiFi always get the strongest connection possible.

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The answers may surprise you.

Benefits of Corserva’s Wireless Solutions

Scalable to grow with you

Fully secure

Fast deployment

Customizable access policies: per user, device, or location

Monitoring & Support

Once you have a strengthened wireless infrastructure, you need to make sure its performance remains optimized. 

Corserva monitors your network, installing firmware upgrades when needed, and checking for anomalies.

We report back to you on the health and utilization of your network, as well as providing end user support to your employees if issues arise. 

When we spot potentially troublesome trends on your network, we can isolate problems quickly before they impact business operations.


Features of Corserva’s WiFi Monitoring Service


Bandwith utilization


Application usage


Health metrics


Wireless security that detects malicious activity, intrusions, and interference


User presence analytics to measure customer engagement


Comprehensive network overview