Wireless Network Management

Gain complete control with strong, secure wireless networks using enterprise-grade routers, switches, and secure access points

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Strong network infrastructures to extend the workplace

Wireless networking solutions enable businesses to extend their workplace well beyond the physical borders of their offices. When delivered successfully, these capabilities enhance collaboration with employees and visitors, improve service delivery, improve productivity, empower organizations, and take advantage of the convenience provided by anytime, anywhere access.

Mobile delivery requires a strong network infrastructure. Mobile-friendly WiFi networks must be able to support the surge in use from additional mobile devices, be fast enough to accommodate mobile devices, and provide enough security so users can safely access sensitive business information without worry. Network segregation and management are important cornerstones to effective and secure execution.

What can you expect in a wireless network management solution?

Any wireless network management solution should include the proper network design and mobile device management to protect the organization from the added potential security risks. The solution should be secure and manage access appropriately, depending upon the purpose of the specific network. You should insist on enterprise quality devices.

Why should you consider a wireless network management solution from Corserva?

Corserva creates strong and secure wireless networks for organizations with enterprise-grade routers, switches, and secure access points, giving you complete control of your wireless network. Our wireless solutions will enable your organization to remain competitive, while providing your staff with the flexibility and support they need to meet business objectives.


Wireless network management services from Corserva provide these benefits:


Enhance Productivity

Productivity is improved when employees and guests can access the network from a conference room, break room, or anywhere else away from their desk



WiFi provides a great advantage to your employees, both for their business devices and personal devices



With Corserva’s managed services, you don’t have to sacrifice security. Even with WiFi, your network remains sec


Key features of our wireless network management services include:


Site Surveys

When you partner with Corserva, one of the first things we do is a thorough analysis of your existing network and diagram your complete IT environment


Location-Based Wireless

To keep your IT environment secure, we control access to your network based on location and time


Secure Wireless Networking

Your network remains secure, even when accessed via WiFi


Mobile Device Management

In today’s environment of BYOD, we include the management of mobile devices used within your network

IT Monitoring, Management & Support

Expert proactive support for your entire environment

Network Operations

24×7 real-time performance monitoring

Mobile Device Management

Secure solutions for BYOD

Wireless Network Management

Secure anytime, anywhere access

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