Expert quality repairs for the full range of Apple devices


Getting Apple devices repaired through the manufacturer can slow business operations when you don’t already have a process in place. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), Corserva is fully qualified to repair your Apple devices and even provide advanced exchange so your employees stay productive.

Expert Service from an Apple Authorized Service Provider


As an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP), Corserva provides service for Macs, iPads, and iPhones that adhere to Apple corporate guidelines. We can repair your Apple devices whether they are in warranty or not.

Corserva offers enterprise support for all your devices. Your Apple devices can be purchased, repaired, and replaced using the same purchase order processes and enterprise accounting you use for Windows devices. No more special cases.

Repairs Performed by Apple Certified Technicians


Corserva has Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians (ACMT) on staff, qualified to repair your devices. Because we can support our clients directly, you eliminate the need to return a device to the manufacturer for repair or seek out consumer retail service shops. With advanced exchange and hot spare services, your employees stay up and running even when repairs are needed. Our technicians are fully Apple-trained, taking the same care and attention to detail you expect with any Apple product.

AppleCare Warranty Support


Corserva’s Apple Authorized Service provides coverage for all Apple warranty statuses, including AppleCare+. From fully covered repairs for in-warranty devices, to affordable services for devices that have passed their warranty period, Corserva offers the best options to ensure your devices have the correct coverage to fit your business needs.

Genuine Apple Parts


As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, when we assist with a repair, we use only genuine Apple replacement parts to ensure the quality of materials originally manufactured in your devices are maintained to Apple standards.

Advanced-Exchange Repairs


To keep production at peak performance, we offer many service options to ensure goals are met and staff are always up and running. With our advanced exchange model, your staff will never have to spend valuable time waiting for the repair of a device. Replacements can be provided the moment an issue arises, and repairs are handled after the staff member is up and running.

Nationwide Coverage


With service locations in Trumbull CT, Orlando FL, and Fullerton CA, Corserva offers full coverage for businesses across the US. Our facilities provide state-of-the-art service for the full range of Apple devices and meet the specification guidelines set by Apple corporate. No matter where you’re located, Corserva is here to help.


  • No downtime for your employees

  • Consistent processes for purchase and repair of both Windows and Apple devices across the enterprise


  • High quality service

  • Enterprise support

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Advanced exchange

  • Hot spares

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