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Corserva IT Managed Services


Industry expertise to make IT work for you

Engineering & Construction

Keeping your hardware, software, and networks running securely without downtime, and at peak performance, is a full-time job. When you maintain expensive internal IT staff, they’re most often stretched across every discipline - jacks of all trades, but masters of none. When you try and handle it “all” on your own, you only utilize outside expertise when there is a major issue. In many cases, the business impact has already been felt. Corserva helps construction and engineering firms slash the cost of buying and managing technology, from strategy and planning to complete outsourced management.

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Construction IT Managed Services

Financial Services

Financial services organizations of every size benefit when the right mix of software, infrastructure, and services supports their business. Customer satisfaction improves, internal and regulatory compliance increases, human error shrinks and profit grows. From hedge funds to private wealth management, and from CPAs to investment advisory firms, the IT profile of financial service providers is unique. Corserva provides the knowledge and expertise to establish the right solution mix focused on 24 X 7 uptime, performance, and security

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Financial IT Managed Services


Whether you’re running a hospital or serving as a managing clinic administrator, you’re tethered to technology. It helps manage your practice, provides access to research, improves collaborative medicine, streamlines communication with your patients, and much more. Keeping your technology up and running 24x7 is a multifaceted challenge. Corserva helps medical practices optimize the cost of buying and managing technology, from strategy and planning to full outsourced management. Learn More


In recent years, technology has moved to the forefront of the hospitality industry. Guests expect the same level of connected experience they have at home when they are visiting resorts or staying in hotels. As the network of connected devices has grown, managing this infrastructure can become difficult, especially for staff members who have multiple responsibilities in addition to IT. 

As next-generation solutions are developed, those companies that can most effectively take advantage of these new technologies will gain a competitive advantage. Opportunities for technological advances exist in such areas as the check-in/check-out process, security, WiFi, hotel access control, digital signage, and in-room entertainment. 

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Insurance companies must store huge amounts of personal information and keep that information secure. Agents and customer support personnel require access to that information. Maximizing the up-time of certain key backbone applications is critical to the effective operations of the business. Without timely access to data, employees are unable to serve customers. With IT managed services from Corserva, insurance companies increase operational performance and application and data security. Learn More
Insurance IT Managed Services


Law firms face two constant pressures – keeping clients happy and keeping costs down. Technology plays a key role in managing both, with practice management systems, online research tools, CRM, and much more. Some firms have a technology profile that can justify maintaining a large and expensive internal IT organization. Others have only a fraction of that infrastructure. For them, the investment in a large IT staff can’t always be easily justified. Corserva helps law firms by reducing IT costs and managing technology, from strategy and planning to cybersecurity to complete outsourced management. Learn More


Generating consistent growth and profitability from manufacturing is more challenging than ever before. From foreign competition to complex supply chains and new business models, the rate of change is faster than ever before. To excel in this environment, manufacturers must stay innovative to improve operations and capture opportunities. And they must focus on building new customers and channels. Corserva helps manufacturers simplify and standardize their business systems and technological support. We offer managed services that enable flexibility in operations, support transformational initiatives, and deliver value from tech investments. Learn More


The Non-Profit Organization is the poster child for “do more with less.” With a fundamental goal of reinvesting every dollar earned back into the NPO, it’s imperative that every part of the operation is as lean and cost-effective as possible. You have many different people to serve including the people you help, the partner organizations you work with, and the donors that fund your operation. You use technology to make services more efficient, more available, and more cost-effective. All of this technology needs a team to keep it running. Applications have to be installed, updated, and tested to ensure they integrate with all your existing software. Each desktop, server, or network device has to be installed, maintained, and managed for security. In the face of these operational tasks, you need a partner that can scale up and down with your specific needs. Learn More

Private Equity

An assessment of the technology in place is included in evaluating a company for potential investment or acquisition. The health of a company’s IT ecosystem can significantly impact its long-term success. In addition, weak infrastructures may require immediate significant corrections which run counter to the equity partner’s primary profitability objectives. Many companies find it less expensive to outsource tactical IT activities while retaining strategic IT staff. Corserva’s managed infrastructure and lifecycle technology services enable corporations to reduce tactical IT costs while improving performance through proactive 24x7x365 monitoring and remediation. Learn More
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