IT Consulting to Advance Your Business

Using Technology as a Strategic Asset

In today’s competitive landscape, companies must leverage every aspect of the business, including IT. Each technology decision should be guided by how the result will move the business forward. Investments in IT must be fully justified.

Whether you have your own on-site IT staff and are looking for supplemental engineering personnel on a project basis, or you are looking to outsource your IT help desk, Corserva can help with our IT consulting services. We can provide technical design services and IT assessments relevant to your specific industry.

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What can you expect in an IT consulting company?

Look for a partner that is passionate about enabling clients to realize business goals. Obviously, deep experience in technical skills such as security, networking, virtualization, and mobility are critical. But more than just the expertise in technology, your IT consulting company should have relevant industry experience to understand your business challenges.

Virtual CIO services:


Strategic and tactical advisory service


IT budgeting and cost control


IT infrastructure planning


IT migration projects, design, and implementation


IT service management (ITSM)


IT policies and governance

Cloud consulting & migration:


Cloud migration readiness assessment


Cloud migration strategy and tactics


Application discovery and dependency analysis


Right-sized resource allocation


Total cost of ownership projection


Multi-cloud cost comparisons between AWS, Azure, and others


Pricing plan optimization

Virtual CISO services:


Strategic and tactical cybersecurity advisory service


IT security auditing


Security program development


IT security policies alignment with business strategy


Compliance and risk management


Personnel security and training


Security response planning

IT assessment services:


Wired and wireless networking






Cloud migration


NIST, PCI, HIPAA compliance

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Why should you use Corserva’s IT consulting services?

At Corserva, we enable our clients to maximize their investment in IT. Our advanced solutions deliver the latest technology to existing infrastructure environments. To maximize efficiency, we provide solutions to our clients that leverage existing systems already in place. We have the expertise to determine what areas of your network need to be upgraded and how you can maintain a secure network.

Many of our engagements start with an analysis of the “as is” environment. We begin by evaluating your existing systems and network for security and connectivity. This enables us to correct any issues that may be hindering the business. We frequently discover underlying issues of which the client was not otherwise aware. Corserva can demonstrate the value we bring to your business from the very beginning.

Program & Project Management


Challenges in Managing Technology Projects

Implementing and managing any project can be challenging; technology projects even more so. Multiple stakeholders need to be kept informed throughout the project. Invariably, issues come up during implementation that must be addressed. At the same time, schedules and deadlines must be met.

What can you expect from program and project management services?

When embarking on an IT project, you need a partner that has the technical expertise to work with you collaboratively in making the correct decisions for your business. Your technology partner should be able to provide you options and expound upon the pros and cons of each. You need a partner with the foresight to understand the impact decisions you make today will have on your future IT infrastructure.

Why should you choose Corserva for program and project management?

By using the services of Corserva, you gain the maximum value from your IT investment. On engagement with a new client, Corserva focuses on enabling the client to achieve goals by developing the best IT solutions for that business.

Documentation & Knowledge Management


Adequate Documentation is Critical to your Success

A critical step when providing managed IT services is to assess and document the client’s network environment. The technology infrastructure of any organization has become much more complex than even just a few years ago. New technologies such as cloud, Big Data, and IoT have provided great opportunities for companies but have also introduced increased network complexity.

What can you expect from an IT partner?

You want a partner that will work with you collaboratively in understanding your business issues and developing remedies. This goes far beyond emailing a monthly report. You should expect regular feedback sessions where your partner is providing you with information and interpreting that information to enable you to get the greatest value from reported metrics.

Why should you use choose Corserva?

First and foremost, we consider ourselves as advisors to your business. With our extensive background in delivering managed services to a variety of industries, we understand how to shape our services to enable you to accomplish your business objectives. With our deep technical knowledge, we can deliver the IT infrastructure in a manner required to achieve those objectives. Thoroughly documenting your environment enables us to identify and provide paths to resolution for identified IT issues.

On a quarterly basis, our Client Services team will review with you the status of your IT infrastructure and priorities for issue resolution or capabilities improvement to support your business needs. We analyze performance metrics and look for opportunities and any potential areas of concern. This partnership approach enables us to provide the greatest value to our customers and maximizes the advantages you gain from our technical expertise.