IT Security as a Service

Cybersecurity solutions to protect all parts of the network (applications, clients, WLAN/LAN) from all threats, cloud or IoT
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Cybersecurity solutions to protect mission critical applications

It seems nearly every day we hear of a new virus or cyber attack, sometimes even against what we would imagine to be the largest, most security conscious companies. Despite the use of security policies and protections, organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to protect themselves from network breaches. A shortage of skilled security experts hampers companies with the best intentions. The prevalence of BYOD has further added to security concerns. Mobile devices have significantly increased the number of successful cyber attacks.

Savvy business owners understand the importance of protecting mission critical applications. It is imperative to protect the business with the right cybersecurity solutions; otherwise, the business will suffer. This often requires investment in new technologies, a challenge even for companies with their own IT department. Protecting the business from security threats can be difficult for businesses of any size to manage on their own.

What can you expect in a managed security services provider (MSSP)?

New cyber attack techniques and security breaches occur daily. Security lapses and attacks originate from both within and outside of the organization. Corporations must choose the right partner who will take a proactive rather than reactive approach to cybersecurity to ensure the entire network remains secure.

Today’s workplace has become very data-driven and highly distributed due to the fact that over time, companies will implement multiple systems, each with their own security solutions, which creates security silos. As the company grows and more systems are put in place, the complex combination of systems can leave a corporation vulnerable. Your MSSP should work with you collaboratively to uncover underlying IT security issues and put the best solutions in place for you.

Managed security services

Why should you use Corserva to provide IT security as a service?

Protecting corporate data from theft and preventing disruptions to a business are key concerns for corporations and their IT departments. The ability to prevent hacking attacks is a competitive advantage and will ensure your organization remains successful when others succumb to costly interruptions. You can rely on cybersecurity services from Corserva to safeguard your business and enable your team to focus on business matters, not operational issues, while you maintain full access to your infrastructure and devices.

Corserva provides a simple solution to the complicated problem of defending against attack. With Corserva, all parts of the network (applications, clients, WLAN/LAN) are protected from all threats, whether cloud or IoT. You get the protection you need within an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Security Services

Corserva’s cybersecurity solutions protect the corporation from both malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors originating inside the network.

Security Strategy

When you partner with Corserva, we develop a security strategy to meet the needs of your business, following best practices and employing the appropriate incident, event management, and monitoring tools.


Adaptive security appliances

Firewall services and software-based firewalls
IDS and IPS appliances
Software-based IPS
Advanced inspection and prevention modules
Intrusion detection system modules
Endpoint security agents

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