Gold standard Apple lifecycle management and support


You want to use the best platform for managing Apple devices in your enterprise, but you may be limited by in-house knowledge of specific platforms, especially in a Windows-centric environment. As the standard for Apple mobile device management, Jamf Pro provides a seamless method for deploying Apple devices. Corserva has the certified experts to configure the platform optimally.

In combination with Apple Business Manager, a properly configured Jamf Pro platform creates a zero- touch deployment method your IT staff can use to provision Apple devices. For even more efficiency, you can completely outsource the management of Apple devices to Corserva so that your IT staff can focus on corporate initiatives that grow the business.

Jamf Pro Enterprise Platform for MDM


As the leading Apple device management platform, Jamf offers the most granular control over Apple devices in the enterprise. Corserva’s Jamf experts will guide you and your business into exploring the full potential of the Jamf Pro enterprise platform for Apple mobile device management (MDM). From the creation of a Jamf Pro cloud instance, to the fine tuning of an already established Jamf Pro platform, Corserva experts will ensure your Apple deployments are as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Jamf Connect Service


With Jamf Connect, you can establish a secure connection to a directory service such as Active Directory (AD) from any Apple device. This provides single sign-on for your Apple users without the need to bind the Apple device to AD. Corserva’s Apple experts can deploy Jamf Connect based on your current AD implementation including creating custom scripts and providing training to your IT staff.

Zero Touch Deployments

Corserva has the expertise to properly configure Jamf for your environment as well as other Apple services including Apple Business Manager. We use Jamf in combination with Apple Business Manager to configure new devices to work properly within your environment.

Once the employee turns on the Apple device, any needed software is downloaded from the corporate network automatically. By leveraging Jamf for zero touch deployments, your employees are up and running on day one with no on-site technician needed.


  • Maximize productivity with optimal configurations created by Apple-certified Jamf 400 experts

  • Shorten the speed of Jamf implementations

  • Provide day one productivity to employees with a zero-touch configuration model

  • Remove roadblocks for your Apple users in accessing the corporate network

  • Gain a stable connection to synchronize Macs in a Windows-centric environment

  • Gain 24x7x365 end user support for employees via phone, email, and web portal


  • Apple devices managed through Jamf Pro, the gold standard for Apple mobile device management

  • Services performed by Apple experts with certifications in ACSP, ACMT, ACiT, and Jamf 400

  • Ongoing monitoring of Apple devices to prevent problems

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