Prevent intrusions and recover from breaches efficiently


With cyberattacks in the news every day, you’re justified in being concerned about cybersecurity risks to your business. With Corserva’s Managed Security Service, we can detect threats lurking in your IT environment and quickly respond so your business stays protected.

Threat Detection, Incident Response, and Compliance


Corserva provides a simple solution to the complicated problem of defending against cyber attacks. With Corserva’s Managed Security Service, we keep a vigilant eye on all aspects of your IT infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud. You get the protection you need within an all-inclusive monthly fee.

Corserva’s Managed Security Service includes:

  • Asset Discovery – Know who and what is connected to your environment at all times
  • Intrusion Detection – Be alerted to suspicious activities with host-based, network-based, and cloud-based intrusion detection systems
  • Behavioral Monitoring – Learn of unusual or suspicious behaviors in your environment
  • SIEM & Log Management – Meet compliance requirements by correlating, analyzing, and reporting on event data from across your environment
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Remediate your vulnerabilities before an exploit or intrusion

Asset Discovery

This provides us with full visibility into the devices that are on your network through:

  • Active network scanning
  • Passive network scanning
  • Asset inventory

You can’t protect what you don’t know you have. A complete inventory of your IT assets, and one that is kept up to date as the network changes, is critical in protecting your network.

Intrusion Detection


Intrusion detection is accomplished through:

  • Network-based IDS
  • Host-based IDS
  • File integrity monitoring

These technologies alert us to unauthorized modification of system files, configuration files, or content.

Behavioral Monitoring


Integrated behavioral monitoring enables us to understand what your network activity looks like under normal conditions. This includes:

  • Service and infrastructure monitoring
  • Network analysis
  • Network protocol analysis and packet capture

This monitoring helps us to investigate suspicious activity and perform remediation quicker than otherwise possible.

SIEM & Log Management


The SIEM (security information and event management) layer connects log file data provided by your existing systems. By collecting log files and analyzing them, we can accurately identify, contain, and remediate threats in your network. The built-in security intelligence combined with our expertise in correlating the applicable log data enables us to identify policy violations and respond appropriately.

Vulnerability Assessment

The integrated internal vulnerability scanning of our security solution identifies IT assets with unpatched software, unsecure configuration, and other risks in your network. By testing the network for potential issues and continuously monitoring, we can identify new weaknesses on your network. Staying abreast of vulnerabilities means faster remediation of potential issues.

How It Works

Corserva’s Managed Security Service uses virtual sensors to monitor on-premise physical and virtual infrastructures, and cloud sensors and plugins to monitor your cloud environments.

With continuous security updates, we use the latest security intelligence to analyze against network data. Once implemented, our cybersecurity engineers log and alert on events 24x7x365, while meeting all defined Service Level Agreements for contracted incident response.


  • Gain insights into the most relevant threats across your IT environment so you can make informed decisions

  • Eliminate security blind spots with a centralized platform for aggregating and correlating events from all devices, servers, endpoints, and applications, as well as monitoring users and administrator activities

  • Respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats with continuously updated correlation rules

  • Measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)

  • Optimize your existing security investments and reduce risk


  • Centralized advanced threat detection across your cloud and on-premises environments

  • Real-time transparent remediation and root cause analysis of current threats provided by Corserva’s cybersecurity experts

  • Zero hardware and zero maintenance

  • Delivered securely via industry leading cloud platform Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Highly extensible with several third-party integrations including Cisco Umbrella, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, and more

  • Continuous threat intelligence updates

  • Subscription tiers to fit any environment

  • Compliance reports for HIPAA, SOC, PCI, NERC/FERC, NIST, and more

  • Professionally managed by Corserva’s security professionals with certifications that include CISSP, GSEC, CEH, and CompTIA Security+

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