Managed IT Security Services

MSSP customized security solutions structured to your unique business needs to address security risks within and outside your network

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Gain cybersecurity and compliance with an MSSP

Cybersecurity and compliance are at the top of everyone’s list of key business concerns and challenges. Threats can come from both inside and outside a company’s network. Companies across all industries are increasingly aware of their exposure to hacking attempts with ransomware events making headlines. The task of executing effective security at an affordable price can be daunting. Which products should you buy? How will you support these advanced security products especially if you don’t have certified internal resources? How do you keep up with rapidly changing requirements for compliance reporting?

You need a trustworthy resource to help you understand the key facts and choices that you are facing. Our experts can assist you in identifying what level of security and compliance you need based on your specific vertical industry and internal company needs. With these findings, we can recommend an integrated set of managed IT security solutions to protect your applications and data. And we can monitor this solution 24x7x365 to ensure the optimal level of protection against cybersecurity threats.

What can you expect in an MSSP?

Not only should your MSSP (managed security service provider) have deep technical expertise in cybersecurity but also the relevant industry experience to understand how security risks can impact you. With an understanding of government regulations and compliance rules pertinent to your industry, your MSSP should design a package of services customized for you that addresses security risks within as well as outside your network.

Managed service provider
What is managed IT security?

Why should you use Corserva’s managed IT security services?

We design, develop, and deliver customized security solutions for you based on industry best practices. In addition, your final security architecture will be the result of a team effort between Corserva and leaders from your IT and business operations departments. Our goal is to create effective security solutions that are realistic and structured to your unique business needs.

Managed firewall solutions to protect a corporation’s network perimeter from outside threats
Antivirus and malware protection for endpoint devices such as PCs/Macs (laptops and desktops), network devices, servers, and mobile devices
Vulnerability and cyberthreat assessments
Penetration testing
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that provide log management, compliance reporting, and incident identification and management

Is your network keeping up with the latest threats?

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Security Experts

Individually and collectively, our solutions are overseen and managed by a remote team of certified security engineers, dedicated to your success. Hence, your team of security engineers will:

Provide comprehensive management of your security systems
Design effective policies and procedures using industry best practices
Conduct periodic risk assessment and management to ensure your security practices remain effective
Ensure regulatory compliance
Develop an incident response plan and implement it when needed
Inform and educate your staff about security risks, policies, and procedures

Corserva enables organizations to

Identify areas of risk and vulnerability
Align security strategies with business goals, so the organization can effectively respond to regulatory and market pressures
Design security solutions that minimize risk using industry best practices
Meet industry specific compliance requirements with enterprise-wide security solutions
Identify emerging threats and implement solutions using the latest technologies
Evaluate existing security measures and make recommendations for improvement
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Managed IT security
Monitor and protect data in accordance with compliance requirements
Develop solutions to protect against data breaches and fraud
Obtain SSAE 16 and PCI compliant hosting services
Conduct an IT security audit

Security Services

Corserva’s cybersecurity solutions protect the corporation from both malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors originating inside the network.

Security Expertise

Corserva has the professional expertise needed to design a comprehensive security solution that will enable you to manage operational risks inherent in today’s business environment.


Advisory Services

We work with your staff to educate and inform about the latest security threats and compliance requirements, identify areas of risk, and prepare to meet potential threats.

This includes:

  • Compliance analysis and remediation services
  • Assessment of IT security risk and risk management capabilities
  • Implementation of a risk management framework and program
  • Policy creation, development, and implementation
  • Policy harmonization to include multiple regulations

Network & Data Protection

The rise of mobile and remote computing has led to the need for even greater data protection. With multiple points of access, network security is even more vulnerable. Consequently, with solutions provided by Corserva, organizations protect their networks and data using defensive technologies that are comprehensive enough to protect the entire organization but flexible enough not to be onerous. We help our clients protect intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), and sensitive financial and personal data through the use of:

  • Network defense strategies, including next generation and web application firewalls
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS and IPS)
  • Malware detection and web security solutions
  • Network visibility and segmentation solutions
  • Denial of service (DoS) solutions
  • Database and virtualization security
  • Data loss prevention and file integrity management
  • Email, mobile data, and endpoint protection
  • Storage and data transport encryption
  • Secure cloud and data centers

Identity & Access Control

Growing companies face mounting pressure to safeguard data. Not only does every new hire represent fresh access to the IT environment, but contractors, vendors, customers, and suppliers often have access to the network, too. Maintaining control over who has access to what data becomes critical to the security of the network.

Corserva enables businesses to implement identity-based access control features that prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. We do this through a variety of risk- and attribute-based authentication features, such as:

  • Remote and wireless access control
  • Network ID and access control
  • Identity and access control management/governance
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Risk-based authentication
  • Unified access policy development and enforcement
  • Privileged identity management

Security Management & Analysis

The best security features in the world won’t do much good if they aren’t monitored. The methods of cyber attacks change too frequently for organizations to ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to security measures. Constant management and analysis is needed to ensure long term effectiveness of security measures.

Using analytics-based, real-time monitoring of your IT environment, Corserva reduces the impact of security breaches and guards against future attacks. Our advanced security techniques encompass:

Is your current security protection truly best practice?