Rely on our Managed IT Services so You Can Focus on Your Business

IT Staff Stretched Too Thin?


Do you feel vulnerable to security breaches?


Are you frustrated by a multitude of technology and cybersecurity decisions?


Are your IT costs escalating?


Do you worry your company could become a victim of ransomware?

The successful management of your IT infrastructure requires highly skilled technical staff monitoring your systems 24x7x365 using the latest monitoring technology. 

You need experts in servers, virtualization, storage, networking, desktops, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, and other business technologies.

For most companies, maintaining the diverse skill sets and 24×7 coverage for IT systems is not affordable.

What if there was a way to pay for that level of service, but only when you need it?

There is – managed IT services.

Corserva’s solutions include the following IT support services:



IT monitoring

IT Monitoring

Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Help desk services

Help Desk


Data Center Services

Managed hosting

Managed Hosting

Procurement services

Procurement Services

Configuration and integration

Configuration & Integration

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Effective execution of operations


Eliminate single points of failure – people and infrastructure


Provide 24×7 monitoring and remediation of issues for all critical assets


Provide extensive expertise to supplement your staff in critical technologies


Enable employees to focus on what they do best – growing the business

Increased agility and expertise


Access to Corserva experts in security, networking, and other advanced technologies


Enable fast rollouts/upgrades to meet changing business needs


Augment in-house capabilities with cloud managed services


Thought leadership to help drive new technologies


Support long range IT plans

Cost reduction


Increase uptime and performance, thus reducing lost revenue from downtime


Reduce expenses by having ongoing access to experts in every technology, but only use them in the amount required


Provide sliding, fully scalable support costs for your IT infrastructure


Reduce CAPEX expenditure

Business risk reduction


Ensure IT performance and uptime required to support your 24×7 business needs


Ensure organization-wide security from the network perimeter to the endpoints to the data center


Reduce the threat of security breaches by ensuring that all endpoints are up to date with patches and antivirus updates


Reduce the risk of intrusion into the network by providing third generation managed firewalls


Pinpoint legitimate threats across the IT infrastructure with advanced event logging and analysis software

Business continuity


Back up all critical files and systems


Complete data recovery from a single device to entire data center failure

Increased control


Visibility into every aspect of your IT infrastructure down to individual incident tickets


Documentation of the entire IT landscape including network devices and servers


Comply with regulatory requirements (NIST, HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, etc.) for transactions and information management


Gain access to extensive performance data and quarterly performance reports


Tap into additional resources, on-demand


Control user access to sensitive websites and information

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What should you expect from a provider of IT managed services?

When determining your requirements for IT management companies and evaluating managed service providers, remember that your needs may be unique based on your particular business and your in-house IT capabilities. As a result, thinking about your internal technical abilities and needs can help you understand the level of service you require.

Ask yourself:

What services are important to me?

At a minimum, consider monitoring for all of your critical IT assets, antivirus, and patch management. A managed service provider is in a position to execute these needs on an ongoing basis using centralized, reportable processes. You should consider these as minimum requirements.

Do I need 24x7x365 network operations support?

Even if your real business is only open from 9 to 5, problems with your website, server or firewall can occur outside of these hours. A major outage on Sunday night can significantly impact your ability to generate revenue and service customers on Monday morning. Consequently, you should strongly consider 24×7 support services as a minimum requirement.

How are the services going to be delivered?

After the great sales pitch, visit the alternative providers. What do their data centers and network operations centers look like? Are they secure with advanced capabilities, or is it a couple of people sitting in cubicles? Cut through the sales and marketing hype and perform an on-site review of your potential providers.

Does my current provider have the advanced skills and scale to maintain redundant staff in all key areas including security, networking, virtualization, and advanced infrastructure?

In-depth, specialized knowledge is the hallmark of Corserva. How does your current vendor compare?

Which performance metrics are important to me?

Performance metrics and reports can identify patterns that might lead to outages, recurring issues, or the need for employee training. Corserva provides a broad range of reports and what you need will depend on your service level and business needs.

Do service level agreements (SLA) offer me the protection that I need?

Since SLAs define the obligations of the managed service provider, you want to make sure that the terms exceed industry standards. Therefore, Corserva provides a comprehensive SLA that clearly defines our responsibilities, metrics as to what constitutes meeting the SLA standards, and what penalties are in place in the unlikely event that we miss a provision of the SLA.

Do I need dedicated technical engineers servicing my account?

Managed service providers typically have numerous clients that share a pool of user support technicians and engineers to answer questions and fix IT issues. Having resources dedicated to your account is more expensive but, depending on your requirements, you may need someone assigned to your account with specific experience in your industry.

What is my budget?

Corserva’s services are flexible, scalable, and affordable. You pay for what you use and nothing more. When we consult with you at the beginning of our partnership, we create a customized package for business managed services that includes precisely what you need – and nothing you don’t.

When there is an issue, how much finger pointing occurs?

Many service providers outsource one or more elements of their service offering to third parties — backup and recovery data centers are a prime example. If your provider doesn’t cover the entire delivery chain, how will issues be handled between multiple vendors? We maintain complete control of many of our service offerings by hosting them within our SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II compliant data centers.

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Why should you outsource your managed IT services to Corserva?

At Corserva, we are prepared to be your virtual IT department 24 hours a day. In addition, we can monitor and support your servers, network equipment, and desktops remotely or in person to keep your operations running smoothly and securely.


Help desk services

Using Corserva as your managed services provider (MSP), you gain access to the correct cybersecurity expertise, monitoring your IT systems 24x7x365, utilizing the most advanced performance and security monitoring tools. As a result, you gain lower IT cost, better performance, and higher security for your critical business assets.

Our customers experience the benefits of fixed fees, a single point of contact, access to sophisticated technical resources, and most of all, peace of mind that their IT solutions are being expertly managed around the clock.

Corserva provides managed IT services from our two US based, geographically dispersed, 24x7x365 network operations centers (NOCs) located in Trumbull, Connecticut and Orlando, Florida. Our NOCs provide monitoring and remediation in the areas of device performance and maintenance, antivirus, malware, next generation firewall management, business continuity, and disaster recovery services.

Monitoring IT Systems 24x7x365

Managed IT services

You can use managed IT services to supplement or outsource the daily operation of your corporate IT infrastructure. IT services include 24x7x365 performance management, software patching, antivirus, and malware protection for the following: laptops, desktops, mobile devices, network devices, storage, and servers.

Help desk support for end users is typically provided through a network operations center (NOC).


We partner with you to tailor a package geared for your needs, whether you need complete support for all your technologies or you only need to supplement your IT department.


Anytime, anywhere availability

24×7 operation and availability of technology required to run your business


Ongoing monitoring

Managed service providing continuous system monitoring of IT devices to assure that they are up to date and working properly


Actionable analytics

Performance reports and system alerts on your servers, applications, CPU utilization, available displays, and memory usage


Data security

Data security via firewalls, antivirus software, spyware/malware software, and antispam software



Regular system backups, upgrades, and maintenance


Problem resolution

Troubleshooting of system and network issues



Remote access to monitor your systems anytime day or night


Ongoing improvement

Documentation of system problems



Ongoing managed services support 24x7x365 through our network operations centers


Break/Fix versus MSP & MSSP

Many IT service providers that started out in the break/fix model have simply slapped on the MSP (managed service provider) label as a way to upsell their services. Similarly, as cybersecurity has become a hot topic and data breaches are in the news every day, many MSPs have started to bill themselves as an MSSP (managed security service provider).

The traditional break/fix business model is primarily reactive and charges a one-time fee to fix something. An MSP is focused on preventing problems while a break/fix vendor only enters the picture once a problem surfaces.

It’s in the best interest of an MSP to prevent problems, which is also in the best interest of the client. This matching of goals has led to the increasing use of MSPs over break/fix vendors by business owners. MSPs can offer more robust services that translate into cost savings for clients.

That, in a nutshell, is what separates a true MSP from a recent break/fix graduate.