Lifecycle Services

Execute customized IT programs to enable your employees with the best technology to help grow your business.

An effective enterprise puts the right technology in the hands of its employees to help maximize workforce effectiveness. IT solutions are rarely a perfect fit right off the shelf. Since we sell technologies from all major manufacturers in IT, we can tailor-fit programs to your individual needs. From tablets to workstations, servers to storage, networking to security, and everything cloud, we deliver technology solutions to advance your business, cut your operational costs, and reduce your risks.


Employee & Technology Support

Eliminate barriers to employee productivity


We provide multi-vendor support services with a single call to our US-based Network Operation Centers (NOC). Our team of experts provides you access to industry leading knowledge and IT administration tools without your own investments in similar capabilities. Enable your workforce to maximize productivity while reducing your costs to deliver the necessary levels of support.

IT Monitoring, Management and Support

Proactive support of your IT assets to prevent technical issues

To grow a business, company staff should be able to focus on driving revenue, not daily IT issues and operations. With Corserva, you gain expertise, round-the-clock proactive administration of your network and cloud services to prevent outages and to keep your employees working productively.


Data Protection

Guard your business from data loss

Due to the impact of data loss, ransomware, and compliance requirements, you need a robust disaster recovery strategy. With Corserva’s managed backup and disaster recovery plans, all your data is backed up. In the event of a disaster, restoration is quick and painless.


Microsoft 365 & Azure Migration & Management

Leverage the cloud to empower your employees and decrease costs

Companies can save money by migrating services to the cloud, but the work involved in migrating, managing, and securing a cloud application can take your IT staff away from activities that grow the business. Outsourcing the migration and management of your cloud services to Corserva will provide you with an affordable approach to ensuring available and secure cloud services.


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