Apple adoption for a Windows world


Unlocking the potential in each employee and attracting the best talent entails offering a choice of devices with an intuitive user experience and enterprise grade security, while being easy to deploy and manage. Corserva can equip your company with the newest device offerings from Apple, empowering your staff with the devices they’re most comfortable with to ensure peak productivity without limitations.

Enable Employees to Use the Tools They Already Love


Apple products have a loyal following and you can leverage that to offer a desirable work experience for existing staff and potential candidates. When employees can use the same tools they have at home with which they are already familiar, productivity is increased.

Eliminate the Barrier to Entry


If the knowledge base of your internal IT staff is primarily Windows-based, it can be daunting trying to bring in Apple devices. Corserva has the experience to drive success in your organization when introducing Apple options into your corporate environment. We can enable your enterprise to offer device choice to employees without disrupting business operations.

Gain Access to Apple Apps


One reason people love Apple devices is the range of apps available in the App Store. When employees can select the Apple platform as the basis for their work environment, they also get access to a range of business apps for email, contacts, calendars, messaging, collaboration, file sharing, productivity, and more.


  • Offer a variety of work tools to employees to foster loyalty

  • Enable employees to use the platform with which they are most comfortable

  • Gain high-end employee tools from one of the few select providers authorized to sell and service Apple products


  • Devices configured to work in your environment on day one

  • Apple Authorized Reseller

  • Apple Authorized Service Provider

  • Advance Exchange & Depot repair

  • Warranty management and post warranty support

  • Asset tracking and secure end of life disposal

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