Control the Tide of Incoming Email Threats

Any organization can be a target of threats

Complex targeted attacks and malware are no longer reserved purely for big business. All companies are increasingly tested by the rising levels of sophisticated, malicious emails and social media posts.


Are you concerned about potential phishing attacks?


How can you ensure that legitimate emails are delivered without delay?


Do you have cybersecurity concerns about your employees' use of social media?


Are you worried about viruses?

External threats come into your business through normal communication channels including email and social media. You need an email security solution that protects your company from all email threats from phishing to malware, spam, and other forms of bad content.

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What can you expect from a provider of email security?


Protect your incoming and outgoing email through endpoint protection. In the event of a successful attack, steps for remediation should be put in place. An email security solution should be able to stop malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email (also known as business email compromise). The solution should have filtering capability and business continuity features.

Email filtering provides real-time spam and virus filtering while blocking attacks and monitoring traffic. Messages can be approved or blocked within seconds based on sender, origin IP address, attachment size, file type, or text content. Filtering ensures that trustworthy emails are delivered with minimal delay while suspect messages are blocked or quarantined.


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Why should you use Corserva to provide email security?

Corserva provides comprehensive email security services that include


Robust antispam and multilayered antivirus


Advanced protection against malicious URLs


Intelligent content filtering


Search and eDiscovery cloud email archive


Redelivery of any inbound email lost or deleted in the last 30 days


Emergency inbox for 24/7 email continuity


Image-scanning technology to remove illicit images

Corserva’s solution for email security provides our clients with unrivalled protection from viruses and other email threats. The advanced spam filtering capability accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more, to prevent spam emails, malware, other malicious email and attachment based spam from reaching inboxes. Outgoing email can be automatically encrypted. Email is archived for up to 10 years.


Protection from external threats delivered through email and social media such as malware, spam, phishing emails, and more


Ensures trustworthy emails are delivered with minimal delay while suspect messages are blocked or quarantined


Users can review quarantined messages to ensure legitimate messages are not flagged


Intelligent content filtering for real-time spam and virus filtering


Emergency inbox for 24x7x365 email continuity


Image scanning technology to remove illicit images


Professionally managed by Corserva's cybersecurity experts with certifications including CISSP, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, GSEC, CEH, and CompTIA Security+

But doesn’t Microsoft Office 365 already include email security?


Microsoft provides only basic email security features, relying on traditional filtering techniques such as IP reputation, volume, and signature based antivirus scans. Unfortunately, the security features available within Office 365 do not provide the advanced security capabilities needed to stop phishing attacks. With Corserva’s solution for email security, data is protected from targeted spear-phishing attacks and zero-day malware. The solution uses advanced machine learning techniques and analysis to protect users from the most cunning attacks. Additionally, the continuity feature of the solution means users will always have access to their email, even if a server fails or unexpected downtime occurs.


Market Leading

Gain the Gartner market leading software solution for email security combined with Corserva’s advanced expertise.


The solution is scalable to fit the needs of SMBs looking for a simple experience as well as enterprise clients requiring advanced controls.


In addition to accurate spam and malware detection, the solution provides contextual understanding of phishing attacks.
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Protection from malicious emails, risky social media posts, and rogue apps
Attachment sandboxing
Ransomware protection
Email continuity and archiving
Granular identification of spam categories
Time-of-click URL protection
Identification of zero-hour vulnerabilities
Email security should be one part of your recipe for a secure IT infrastructure that includes endpoint security, network security, and SIEM analysis. Corserva has the experience to create the most effective security solutions for our clients.

Imposter email

Our email security solutions are comprehensive and include the following components:

Attack blocking & connection protection

When multiple occurrences of harmful traffic is coming from a single server, our solution blocks a wide range of attacks including Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and denial of service attacks. Attacks are detected and blocked in real-time and the source IP address is temporarily blocked.

Spam, virus & content filtering

Email filtering can be customized to block and allow email based on sender, recipient, size, content and other factors. Viruses are blocked and users can adjust to what level spam protection is set.

Message quarantine & release

The way suspicious messages are quarantined can be customized so that logs can be kept and quarantined messages can require review before release. Users can review what messages are being flagged as spam and review quarantined messages to make sure legitimate messages are not flagged.


These are the steps we follow when implementing your email security solution:

1. Set up and configure a secure, Microsoft Azure cloud.


2. Connect email security software to Azure cloud and synchronize individual email accounts to use new email security software platform.


3. Validate email flow from email security software platform to individual email accounts.


4. Configure customized whitelists and blacklists.


5. Test all inbound and outbound mail flow.


6. Check email security service logs and correct any anomalies.

Security Services

Corserva’s cybersecurity solutions protect the corporation from both malicious attacks and potentially risky behaviors originating inside the network.

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