Protect end user devices including laptops, desktops, network devices, servers, and mobile devices


Reactive, legacy, signature-based endpoint security solutions are unable to keep up with constantly mutating malware and can decrease employee productivity by slowing the performance of end user devices. Corserva’s next-generation endpoint security solutions leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent advanced persistent threats and malware, protecting devices from compromise.

Prevent Attacks Before They Can Execute


Corserva’s endpoint security services use AI, not signatures, to detect and prevent attacks before they can execute or harm endpoint devices. Our integrated threat prevention solutions block malware infections with additional security controls that safeguard against script-based, fileless, memory, and external device-based attacks.

Protect Web Traffic with a Secure Web Gateway


Corserva’s endpoint security solutions includes a cloud-delivered secure web gateway that automatically blocks requests to malicious destinations before a connection is established. By learning from internet activity patterns, our solution uncovers current and emerging threats, and protects internet access across all devices on your network in all office locations, including roaming users.


  • Defend against threats on the internet by blocking requests to malicious destinations before a connection is established

  • Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks

  • Protect users anywhere they go, on and off the corporate network, without disruptions

  • Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol

  • Identify targeted attacks by comparing local versus global activity

  • Prevent common and zero day threats without a cloud connection

  • Block direct IP connections at the IP-layer

  • Identify cloud, shadow IT, and IoT usage risks by reporting on more than 1,800 services


  • Antivirus and malware protection for endpoint devices such as PCs/Macs (laptops and desktops), network devices, servers, and mobile devices

  • Installation, management, and updates to virus, malware, and spam protection software

  • Identification, tracking, auditing, management, and monitoring of IT infrastructure including workstations, mobile devices, servers, storage, security, wireless, backups, and disaster recovery

  • Professionally managed by Corserva’s cybersecurity experts with certifications that include CISSP, GSEC, CEH, and CompTIA Security+

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