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Vulnerability Management

See Every Asset and Secure What Matters Most

Reduce Cyber Risk To Your Business

An ever-growing accumulation of diverse assets across your IT environment makes it difficult to accurately assess risk to your business.  Defending against cyber-attack requires you to be able to do 3 things:

  • See every asset across your attack surface
  • Remediate the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk
  • Measure your cyber exposure and drive ongoing improvements

With Corserva’s vulnerability scanning services, we can identify the greatest risks and vulnerabilities in your IT environment and perform the proper remediation.


Today's Modern Attack Surface

Great security starts with the complete and continuous visibility of your modern attack surface. You need visibility into traditional IT infrastructure, as well as cloud, operational technology (OT), and container environments.
  • Cloud
  • IT
  • Active Directory
  • Operational Technology (OT)
  • Containers
  • Apps
  • Mobile Devices
  • Network



Does This Sound Familiar?

  • How do we make sure we've implemented the same security measures at remote locations that we do at headquarters?

  • How do we maintain a constantly updated inventory of assets?

  • How do we protect our cloud applications?

  • How do we ensure we fully comply with NIST, NERC-CIP, and other regulations?

  • What kind of paper trail can I generate to prove compliance with regulatory bodies?

  • How can I track configuration changes in my environment?

Secure All Cloud-based Applications

IoT, cloud, mobile, DevOps – your cyberattack surface continues to grow. As business migrates to the cloud, security concerns must be addressed. With cloud-based applications, the IT infrastructure becomes more complex, and networks can be exposed due to gaps in security. You need to protect private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures from the cloud to all endpoints, and everywhere in between. You need visibility into every vulnerability in your IT infrastructure.





Do You Face Any Of These Challenges?

  • Difficult to protect everything in the environment
  • Lack of staff with expertise and available time to deal with cyber threats
  • Takes too long to respond and remediate vulnerabilities

Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service

With Corserva’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning Service (MVSS), we identify your vulnerabilities and prioritize those that pose the greatest risk. The Corserva MVSS provides centralized vulnerability scanning and monitoring for your on-premise, hybrid IT, and cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure and AWS. The combination of asset discovery and vulnerability analysis in one powerful platform simplifies and accelerates vulnerability detection and compliance management for today’s resource-constrained IT security teams.

With Corserva’s MVSS, you gain answers to these questions:

  • Where are we exposed?
  • What should we focus on first?
  • How are we reducing exposure over time?

Gain Actionable Insight Into Your Entire Attack Surface

Delivered securely as a cloud service, the Corserva MVSS deploys rapidly and provides significant savings in time and resources for an overall lower total cost of ownership. The Corserva MVSS uses an array of sensors to automatically gather and analyze your contracted attack surface. Vulnerability analysis is centralized in the Corserva MVSS platform, providing you with centralized security visibility of your critical infrastructure. The Corserva MVSS solution receives a continuous stream of threat intelligence updates, so you always have access to the latest security and vulnerability intelligence. Once implemented, Corserva will discover, assess, and prioritize vulnerabilities.



Managed Vulnerability Scanning

How It Works

Identify and map every asset for visibility across any computing environment
Understand the state of all assets, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other health indicators
Understand exposures in context to prioritize remediation based on asset criticality, threat context, and vulnerability severity
Determine which exposures to fix first and apply the appropriate remediation technique
Calculate, communicate, and compare cyber exposure and key maturity metrics to drive risk reduction

Why Choose Corserva

Corserva is uniquely qualified to deliver industry best practice information security services. In addition to having expertise in modern cyber-threats as well as expertise in traditional information security frameworks, processes, and controls, the Corserva team has decades of experience in regulated industries assisting companies in meeting their compliance standards and maintaining high availability.

You can have confidence that the security services you are receiving are designed, implemented, maintained, and continually enhanced to meet industry best practices. The Corserva security program will keep current as cyber and other security threats continue to evolve.


comprehensive-icon Visibility The first step in protecting all assets in your environment is to know what you have. Gain visibility into modern assets such as web applications and public cloud.  
protection-icon Protect Cloud Applications Scan public cloud deployments for vulnerabilities, malware, and compliance issues. Audit IT infrastructure for adherence to compliance controls and other best practices.  
list-icon See Your Exposures Understand the state of all your assets, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and health indicators.  


  • Threat intelligence to understand which vulnerabilities are being exploited
  • Vulnerability metrics showing criticality, ease of exploit, and attack vectors
  • Enhanced safety and reliability of operational technology environments
  • Container security
  • Web app scanning
  • Professionally managed by Corserva’s cybersecurity experts with certifications that include CISSP, GSEC, CEH, and CompTIA Security+
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