Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Complete protection for systems, applications, and data

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Recovering in the event of disaster

Data loss, ransomware, and compliance requirements are driving today’s disaster recovery strategies. Each of these three challenges creates specific program planning that must be expertly executed to enable comprehensive protection. Almost everything companies need to operate day to day is supported by an IT network. If key servers or storage devices go down or are held hostage, critical business operations may be shut down until remediation is complete. The impact on your business can be severe. A comprehensive backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution should focus on the ability to restore operations to their previous level as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data.

Corserva managed BDR tackles the challenges of growing business data and the need to protect it. We create a data protection program to meet your specific needs, then monitor and manage that program on a daily basis to ensure effective execution and preparedness for data loss and disaster recovery situations.

Our solution protects physical and virtual systems and over 200 versions of operating systems, hypervisors, and applications. We minimize the cost and challenges associated with integrating and managing multiple backup and recovery solutions in order to meet the diverse needs of your environment.

Managed backup and disaster recovery
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Why should you outsource backup & disaster recovery to Corserva?

Corserva enables businesses of all sizes to build comprehensive business recovery and continuity solutions that are cost-effective while guaranteeing compliance with regulatory standards. Ensure your company’s data will be up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster by outsourcing your IT disaster recovery to Corserva.


One backup solution to protect all of your data


Data protection design, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and recovery services


Protection for physical and virtual systems, operating systems and applications


All-in-one physical onsite backup appliances included


Instant recovery for VMware, Hyper-V and Windows systems


Reliable offsite, scalable data protection


Encryption capabilities for secure data in-flight and at-rest


Fully automated cloud-based disaster recovery failover, failback and testing

Managed backup and disaster recovery

Available Service Options

Corserva’s BDR solutions are available in the following options

Backup and disaster recovery services

Local Backup

Our data protection experts work with you to define your backup, recovery, retention, archiving and disaster recovery needs. We then design and implement a customized data protection program by installing an all-in-one purpose-built physical backup appliance in your network to locally protect your data for fast recovery. Our team of backup specialists monitors your backup jobs daily to ensure ongoing protection for your business.

Backup and disaster recovery services

Cloud Backup

While local backup serves a very useful purpose if your data center is still operational, what do you do if your entire data center is taken offline by fire or some other disaster? The answer is cloud backup. The Corserva Cloud Backup service utilizes the installed local backup solution to copy your local backed up data to the highly secure and available Corserva Cloud or a public cloud of your choice. There are no limits to your data protection as our cloud storage options dynamically scale to the capacity of your local backup appliance. Your data is secure in transit and at rest with AES-256 encryption and is stored based on your custom defined retention policy designed to meet your business, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Backup and disaster recovery services

Cloud Site Recovery

Combine our local and cloud backup services with the ability to test and run your critical servers in the cloud in the event of a disaster or on-premise failure. Achieve 100% automated testing for continued assurance that your systems are fully recoverable and protected from downtime. Guarantee your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with push-button fully automated disaster recovery fail-over and fail-back.

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You shouldn’t have to navigate the ever-changing world of data protection and recovery alone. Corserva provides experienced insight and objective analysis of business continuity needs. We work closely with our clients’ own internal IT staff and management to develop solutions that ensure data is protected, in compliance with regulatory standards, and accessible when it is needed most.


Remediation to get you back up and running as quickly as possible


Comprehensive data protection of all your physical and virtual systems, operating systems, and applications to prevent loss of data


Adherence to compliance requirements with encryption for secure data in-flight and at-rest


No downtime with fully automated cloud-based disaster recovery failover, failback, and testing

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Managed backup services

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