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When you have a complex IT system comprised of equipment from many vendors that runs on multiple platforms, plus an array of software to run your business, how do you obtain the proper support? Individual components may have warranties, but often your problems result from networking and compatibility issues.

If you find that maintaining onsite equipment and an internal IT staff to sustain it are too cumbersome or cost-prohibitive, outsourcing all or part of your data center operations is a smart solution for enhancing the technical prowess of your internal IT department — without significant outlays for training or acquiring additional staff.

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What can you expect in a provider of nationwide technical services?

After making a substantial investment in IT hardware and networking technology, keeping it working smoothly may require a team of highly skilled IT professionals beyond your in-house resources. Your provider should be able to customize a package for you to provide the exact services you need. Experienced personnel can offer specialized service when you need it. Your solution should be flexible, scalable, and accountable.

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Why should you outsource nationwide IT services to Corserva?


Multi-vendor technology support services that are convenient and cost-effective


24x7 availability to keep your business critical IT systems running at all times


Depending on your needs, we can provide several levels of lifecycle support including self maintenance, dedicated and dispatched onsite support, labor only onsite support, and deployment or IMAC services to install, move, add, and change your hardware


Multiple technical support centers throughout North America for quick dispersal of field personnel, when needed


Trained hardware support personnel who can provide certified service for all major original equipment manufacturers (OEM)


Single point of contact accessible through a web-based call management system for hardware and software issues

Our professional services teams design, deploy, and support our nationwide IT services that solve complex and evolving business needs across North America.


Hardware installation, maintenance, and support services


Server consolidation and migration services


Networking infrastructure design and support


Enterprise networked storage


Data center design


Security services and consulting


IT consolidation


Secure remote office and virtual networking


Business continuance and disaster recovery


IT help desk


Converging technologies

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Nationwide IT Support When You Need It

Common solutions that we provide include

Hardware Support

Hardware is a major investment for your company that you realize only when it is working properly. Corserva offers world-class hardware support for ongoing, seasonal, or unexpected needs. We offer access on demand as we are open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a problem, you can access our web based call management system to tap our knowledge base for a solution, submit a trouble ticket, or schedule a technician visit. With multiple support centers around the country, we can quickly restore your systems.

Backline Support

If you are an OEM, a system aggregator, or an outsourcer who relies on offsite support, Corserva provides the onsite assistance you need on demand and on time. We dispatch highly trained field engineers, backed by an experienced tech support team, to your location to make repairs to your equipment. We have the parts on hand that you need to enable our personnel to repair equipment, usually in one visit, and handle all of your IMAC needs to install, move, add, and change hardware.

Data Center Support

When the proper functioning of your business depends on data, it is crucial that your hardware operate correctly without downtime. Corserva offers the support you need for hundreds of products. Our quick response to your call for help allows your employees to remain productive as they access the data they need to do their jobs without you having to retain an extensive internal IT department. We are on hand when you need IMAC services and can provide help desk services to familiarize your personnel with new or updated equipment.

Network & Communication Maintenance

Your network is the lifeblood of your organization. Proper communication depends on having the right infrastructure in place so all elements work together to operate efficiently, and on having the proper bandwidth to handle your operations with less downtime and improved performance. Corserva can maintain and continually upgrade your networks with an eye to efficiency, technology, media and NMS selection, IP addresses, and network security. When usage increases and you need more bandwidth for future demands, we can provide what you need without you having to acquire additional IT staff.

Speciality Equipment

When your business takes place in offsite locations such as kiosks, Corserva offers repair and support services. Whether you have problems with computer hardware, digital imaging equipment, or networking, we can improve the infrastructure and support that keep you online wherever you are.